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Towards Beta
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A quick status update on where things are at with the development.

What's done

The installer

Obviously, not the most exciting part of the program, but still got few interesting bits to it. For example, the configuration page has exactly one option -

When "Just for myself" is selected, it does in fact install the app just for the user without requiring any administrative privileges. But if you are an Admin, then it can install the app conventionally too.

Additional screenshots and details are over at the /wip log entry.

The updater

This has to do with updating the installation, and more specifically, updating the program if it has one or more instances running.

If you got few spare minutes, take a look at the details, just to get an idea of what's involved in a "simple" app update.

The uninstaller

Done. But only because I have to :)

The switching to- and from- the service mode

Put in place a production version of the app/service mode switching. The tech demo cut few corners (for example, it made the service load its config from the user's configuration directory), all rectified now.

Also fully integrated the switching with the UI, which brings me to ...

The UI work

Lots of it. First up, the Preferences -

Similarly to the V1, the window is kept to the bare minimum of (what I think are) the high-traffic options. The rest is tucked away behind the More button.

The Don't check, but remind to check option is explained at /wip entry.
Next, the main window got equipped with the message bar for showing notifications that don't warrant popping up a message box -

Animated GIF of it in action is at - correct! - the respective /wip entry.
Next, arguably the most important piece of the UI - the configuration of a backup job.

There's quite a few settings that I wanted to be readily available for at-a-glance inspection, but at the same time the window couldn't be made any taller than it was in the Version 1. So after several iterations including this one -

I have converged to the following design that provides a summary view of the configuration...

... and implements slide-out sections for quick in-place configuration -

I strongly suggest that you check out the unscaled screenshots and see how it works, because I honestly think that it's an awesome solution -

It is nice
It's OK
Moving on... The smaller stuff like remembering the window position and state between the runs, minimizing/closing to the system tray, balloon tray notifications - this is all done, tested and ready to go.

The guts

All major parts of the backup engine are done and are now waiting to be hooked up into the UI.

This includes the file system scanning module, the backup planner (notably, including the move and rename detection), the symbolic link handling code and the new delta copier.

What's missing

The main list in the UI (still working on the design of it), the shadow copying in the engine, several parts of the engine are still not integrated. The in-app software updates aren't done yet.

But mostly it's the UI work that's outstanding.

The Beta

The plan is to get the private beta out by the end of March. To that end, I'm looking for a handful of bravehearts to take it for a spin.

It will not be suitable for the day-to-day use. Features will be missing. Words will be misspelt. It may crash. It will certainly want to crash.

I will need feedback. That's the point of beta. If you are just curious to take a peek at the program, please sit this one out.
Yes, I can help with beta and I pledge to provide feedback.
Excellent, thank you!
Presently limited to the newsletter subscribers. .

That's it for today.
Thanks for reading and keep an eye on @bvckup for further updates.

Best regards,
Alex Pankratov
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