Dashboard API
The overview

Dashboard API can be used to retrieve the data you can see on your dashboard page using scripts and other means of automation.

Basic structure

The API is built around REST model, whereby GET requests are used to retrieve data and POST, PUT, DELETE - to modify, create and delete it respectively.

The request URL is used to identify an item or a collection of items.
					GET /customer/api/licenses/PROF-1111-2222-3333
This will retrieve information on a specified license.
					GET /customer/api/licenses
This will retrieve information on all licenses on file.
The request parameters can be used to fine-tune the query.
					GET /customer/api/licenses?limit=10
This will retrieve infromation on first 10 licenses on file.

Error reporting

Errors are reported through HTTP response codes as follows: For successfully executed queries the response will be 200.


Every API query must include an authentication token.

A token is bound to your account and assigned a set of permissions. Some tokens can only read information (that is, be used with GET requests), while others can have full access.

A token should be included in a query as a HTTP Basic Auth username. The password may be left blank.
					curl https://bvckup2.com/customer/api/licenses \
-u api_secret_000011112222
Doing so will emit the following HTTP header on a wire:
					Authorization: Basic YXBpX3NlY3JldF8wMDAwMTExMTIyMjI6DQo=
Alternatively, the token can be passed as a query parameter.
					GET /customer/api/licenses?auth=api_secret_000011112222

Bulk retrieval

When retrieving collections of items, it is possible to retrieve them in chunks by specifying the index of the first item and the maximum item count.

The first item on a list has an index of 0.
					GET /customer/api/licenses?first=3&limit=10
This will retrieve up to 10 items starting with the 4th.

Response format

By default, both item and collection queries will return data in JSON format.

When an item can be represented as a flat list of properties, it is also possible to request the data to be returned in CSV format.
					GET /customer/api/licenses?format=csv
Note that if the result of a query is an empty list, the CSV response will also be empty, i.e. it will not include the header line with item's property names.
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