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This is probably the fastest, easiest, least bloated, reliable, painlessly updated piece of software on or off the paid market. It does what it says it will, when you want it to, and without a fuss. Don't know what else to say to persuade you that it's blinking excellent. Except that it's better than the usual sliced bread.Richard Wright2020-05-18 19:33:39
Been a staunch Backup2 user for nearly 3 years and as a result is my go to backup tool. Easy to configure, flexible and intuitive, would not be with out. Finding easy ways to use it to coordinate local and cloud storage services. Pretty much fit and forget. Has been a reliable piece of software to use and on the rare occasion I have needed support, queries have been dealt with promptly and expertly. Top drawer, highly recommended. Ian Threadgold (UK)2018-05-02 11:46:45
Simple, straight to the point, yet very customizable. Very robust backup solution. Highly recommended!(Anonymously)2017-10-17 20:47:53
This app is a gem in the Windows world and has set a gold standard that I've never seen before. Whenever I hear someone say you can't make truly beautiful apps on Windows I mention this app. A pure bliss to use and everything is executed with perfection. Love it!David Sinclair2015-12-15 13:33:05
Amazing complex functionality hidden under a beautiful, clean, minimal UI/UX. Masterfully created. Thank you.(Anonymously)2019-03-01 04:25:41
Bvckup 2 is one of the best backup programs I have used in close to twenty years of doing IT work. Keep up the great work.Jeremy Martin2015-07-10 03:31:01
This is hands down the best software product I've seen in my life. And I've been working in IT for the past 16 years. The interface is clean, simple and to the point, there are no issues to speak of and the speed is astounding. Thank you!Remus Alexandru, Software Architect2018-11-25 21:13:41
One of the best apps for windows I've used in a while. A perfect balance between simplicity and efficiency. Can't recommend it enough.Sebu S.2015-07-14 14:00:25
This is one of the best designed utilities I've used in nearly 30 years of being an IT professional. Simple, intuitive, powerful and just works every time. Well done, and thanks!Mark G2018-08-09 22:54:38
Amazing attention to detail and simply wonderful to use. One of the best windows apps I have ever used. Period.Mike B.2015-07-07 11:38:27
Absolutely fantastic work. True computer software. An attention to aesthetics, to engineering and an intellectual strive towards perfection is obvious everywhere.(Anonymously)2016-02-20 06:52:39
Absolutely AWESOME. It's totally refreshing to see software that is lean and to the point. No unnecessary bloatware functions that are confusing and difficult to navigate, "Bvckup 2" just works and is FAST, very FAST. Thank you very much. JP.(Anonymously)2015-09-07 19:37:10
I have never used such a deceptively simple but powerful app as this.Simon Davis2015-07-14 17:37:34
Best file replicator to date, bar none. Assisted with the BETA and found the final BETA version solid as a rock. The developer is very accessible and very responsive to problems... wouldn't have it any other way.Froggie2015-07-08 13:48:00
Clean, Simple, Fabulous. It lets me do exactly what I want with flawless ease. I can back up specific folders where, how, and when I want. Took just a few moments to understand options and then add a backup which I can tweak to my hearts content. I'm supremely impressed. I haven't found any software (free or otherwise) in 25 years that has done exactly what I want with no muss or fuss until now. Really. Well done all. (Oddly, I actually liked the payment process as well. Why can't more just keep it clear and simple anyway.)D. Peterson, Oregon USA2015-07-08 21:00:21

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This is one of the slickest apps I've ever used. Does exactly what it says on the tin!(Anonymously)2020-03-23 12:14:03
Thanks for this little gem, the more i work with this software the more i enjoy it, and is it in the details. The program combines the way of doing the right things in an efficient way and a great attention to detail in every corner pursuit the perfection. I love the clean interface and excellent speed, and the device tracking feature for HDD rotation is an amazing feature.Evans2019-11-24 01:03:32
So far, excellent experience. Best UX I ever came across.(Anonymously)2019-10-07 11:00:52
Love it, I honestly think it is absolutely perfect. Everything from functionality to GUI, 10/10.(Anonymously)2019-05-06 00:36:50
This backup app is just amazing. Because it is simple and does what it's supposed to do (in comparison to ALL the other apps I have tried, and I have tried many). I just love it. Nothing to complain.Julian2019-03-16 22:15:46
It's just so simple, smooth, fast. I love the animated windows and dialogs. And I love how lightweight it is. I work as an IT-support and I'm a huge tech/gadget nerd in my sparetime, and this is the only piece of software I've ever seen that is as smooth/lightweight as this. Keep up the good work.Zen2018-08-02 20:21:47
Amazing application! Love to see the attention to details together with the dedication that developing a native Windows application takes. Would love to be able to do the same, but it seems native Windows development is something of a lost art! Kudos(Anonymously)2018-04-18 22:12:27
It's very modern, simple and intuitive. It does what it says, and avoids extra fluff.Jared2018-03-13 20:43:03
I love this app. It's simple, clean and easy to use. I can't think of anything I would want to change. It's really perfect for me. Thank you for the quality updates as well. I've never had a problem with this app.(Anonymously)2018-02-10 09:47:46
An excellent lightweight backup tool that has performed it's job perfectly ever since I installed it. Can't recommend it enough!Nick2018-01-28 07:37:46
Bvckup has become my daily driver for Windows backups. It's clean, fast and intuitive. The features make sense and are not bloating up the program (which is commonly seen in other Backup tools in my opinion). Thank you for the awesome work!Tobias2017-11-01 19:33:21
Running out of words to tell how I love this program. It's small, it's very fast, it's automatic and hassle free. UI is minimalist but one can always feel the power behind the hood. Sorry, no technical things to discuss, just the emotional stuff :) Thank you very much, devoloper(s).Guus2017-10-08 20:09:51
The Software works great so far. Very fast and gentle in the background.(Anonymously)2017-09-21 08:57:06
Great App, love everything about it. Have recommended to several friends. (Anonymously)2017-09-11 02:36:19
Hello. As a retired software developer with a particular interest in user interface design I am very impressed with Bvckup2. Accurate and timely backing up is very important to me and after a pretty exhaustive evaluation of file backup options I selected it for its elegant interface, simplicity, speed and reliability. Congratulations on Bvckup 2. It's a pleasure to use.Steve Walsh2017-08-04 02:08:51
Awesome <3(Anonymously)2017-07-26 20:01:56
Have been using several backup programs since the 90's, from MS stuff to Karen's Replicator. I don't usually pay for stuff, I prefer freeware. But Bvckup2 has done a stellar job with this one global request we all desire: "fast reliable fast backups on the touch of a button". So I've gone from free beta to a personal subscription, not because beta does not work, it does, but for the sake of rewarding. This piece of coding is amazing.Pedro Lucas2017-07-16 16:13:31
Love this app! I am so glad you have kept it lean and elegant. This is probably the best-performing and most-reliable software I have ever bought. Thank you as always!(Anonymously)2017-07-05 01:28:27
Lots of settings, no bullshit, and runs on its own after having set it up. 12/10.(Anonymously)2017-06-17 19:06:04
Hi Guys, This is one of the best purchases I have made, it works really well and I am impressed with the results and service (in the form of updates) I have received, and would definitely recommend it to others. Cheers, Frank.(Anonymously)2017-06-09 17:52:04
I love this app. It does what I tell it to do. No drama. No management. No bloat. Literally just set and forget. It is near perfection. Thank you.Tradjick2017-03-21 00:32:55
Compact, simple, fast, powerful, reliable! Light years better than all other backup programs I have tried. Looking forward to versioning support and cloud backup.(Anonymously)2017-02-19 18:36:45
Well, I think I can make it short and very sweet, indeed. This is, by far, the easiest, most reliable and least intruding app I have ever used. Would I like to change anything? I certainly would not - if just anything else in life would be as easy as Bvckup 2.Sandy Amber2017-02-16 21:40:26
The core functionality of Bvckup 2 is reliable and quick, but what I really enjoy is the user interface and how smart everything is. For example, I love the option to wait 5 minutes after startup to start backing up. The good design elements beat just about any other software I've tried :)(Anonymously)2017-01-30 21:20:43
I have long been a proponent of an elegant backup solution instead of getting all fancy with RAID and this software really does the trick. I will admit to switching from another perfectly fine solution simply because the interface is soooo nice. Of course the performance is great too!xnappo2017-01-20 03:47:37
Perfect - cool App - very powerful and fast. Much better than robocopy or any other 3rd party tools. No changes at all...Chris2016-11-26 13:36:53
Our experience with Bvckup 2 has been really great. The app is very fast, discrete and backs up to SD cards (instead of clunky hard drives). The interface is clear and concise. Having archive folders that maintain the original folder structure of the deleted files is also very well thought out. The non-proprietary format of the backups ensures that they can be accessed in the future. Can't think of improvements. Thank you so much for developing this! :-)Frederik and Fiona De Vos2016-11-11 10:37:04
I'm using the app now for two years and I must say I don't want to use any other backup software ever again. I love the simplicity and power of the app. Runs smoothly in the background, highly customizable, perfect!Janos2016-10-20 13:25:39
I've been using Bvckup for about 3 months on one of my windows servers. I'm so impressed with it's "set and forget" setup, that I purchased 2 more copies for a few more mission critical computers.(Anonymously)2016-10-03 19:21:55
Best backup app there is. The design and execution is unmatched!David Sinclair2016-09-22 10:51:13
Every backup program I tried looked like an airplane cockpit with thousands of irritating buttons. I love Bvckup2, easy to use and doing a perfect job. Thanks(Anonymously)2016-08-29 18:10:33
The way you guys made this app is so brilliant. First of all the GUI; minimalistic and clean, as it should be. No flashy icons, unnecessary animations or weird navigation-bars but intuitive and fit for the job. Secondly, though its simplistic appearance, your app is option- and feature rich. Having tested other backup-solutions, I can recommend Bvckup to everyone!Floris R.2016-08-03 23:17:08
YAY -- simple to use, it advantageously replaced 12Ghosts which was fine for a long time but hadn't been updated for years. I need a constant local backup on an external drive of files in the form of individual files and not in the form of a compilation of files into a single monster file. With Bvckup 2 my backup works perfectly and is always up to date. my main computer needed an urgent repair last month and I was able to plug my external drive into my laptop and continue working on my documents seamlessly because the backup was complete and up to date. (Anonymously)2016-07-21 16:08:01
Fantastic, simply fantastic. Love it. Brilliant.(Anonymously)2016-07-07 14:03:29
So far, this is the best backup tool I've ever used on any system, and I only wish it were available on OS X.(Anonymously)2016-07-01 17:21:52
I really like the focus on simplicity, and how you can set up the app and forget it. One of the best designed Windows apps I've ever seen.(Anonymously)2016-06-28 12:31:10
I love this app. The backups are FAST and run smoothly in the background without slowing down my computer. I'm an engineer and am routinely generating multi-GB files from computer simulations, and Bvckup handles them with ease.(Anonymously)2016-05-31 08:26:21
This program is awesome. It's very light on the resources, extremely fast and very reliable. It's just amazing how much attention to detail was put into every aspect of this little app. The UI is clean and powerful, even the little system tray icon blends right in with the other windows 10 icons!(Anonymously)2016-05-17 18:12:00
I've gone through so many backup systems in my time, and most of them nearly work but not quite as I'd like. Your program works as I always wanted a backup program to work. Does no more than I ask it to, which is brilliant. There's nothing I would change. Thank you very much.Andy Roberts2016-05-12 06:42:02
Great app! Especially useful is the device tracking feature that makes sure my backup is done on the same removable drive despite the changing drive letter. Good work!Zoltan Monori2016-04-22 04:43:31
I just bought my third license today and I know I will not regret. Yes, it is worth the money it's a tiny, fast, useful and reliable program which I do not want to miss anymore.(Anonymously)2016-04-17 09:21:41
I have 2 computers which run different backup software. The desktop PC runs Bvckup2 and my laptop runs another utility from a European country. I wish I had just one system and the one I would chose, of the two, is Bvckup2. Bvckup2 is fast, if they made space ships you'd be on Mars tomorrow. It's fully accountable and very easy to use and setup. It trundles along in the background without interfering with other software. I am impressed and I don't often say that. Nigel Johnstone2016-04-16 04:29:33
I wish, I wish I had discovered you sooner. Man oh man what a great program. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.George Simms2016-03-26 09:27:41
Beats the pants off of Robocopy for moving hundreds of thousands of SQL database backups, which makes for a happy DBA. The simple/unique UI is also easy to use, and every weird use case I've run into has been solved with a little config file change, as explained on the forum. Keep up the great work!Luke2016-03-08 17:06:29
Hi, I just downloaded this and tried it on 2 of our PCs at home. Brilliant. Just what I've been searching for for years. For almost 20 years now I've been using Karens Replicator which has always sufficed but since Win10 it seems to cause problems on shutdown. Also it wasn't quiet what I wanted. Bvckup2 is great. It's fast, lightweight and unobtrusive. The real-time feature is perfect for me. Changes I make on one machine are picked up, backed up to a NAS drive and when the other machine comes on and sees new changes on the NAS drive it updates itself with the latest version. I get three constantly up to date copies of my important files, music and pictures. Thanks for a great bit of software. I'd recommend it to anyone.(Anonymously)2016-03-03 03:14:57
Bvckup 2 is nothing but excellent. I could tell as soon as I tried it that Pipemetrics is a developer after my own heart. I wish more of the software I use could be designed with such elegance.(Anonymously)2016-03-01 16:28:17
Best Backup app ever. I went through a lot of backup apps, but was never satisfied. Until i met you guys <3. I know part of what makes your app awesome is it's simplicity (do one thing very well) but what i would add is versioning of files. But honestly, it's not that important for me.(Anonymously)2016-02-13 04:12:51
Fantastic. Was so pleased with how this worked on the trial version bought three licenses. Works flawlessly. When I did have a minor issue re-loading the program the help feature was quick to respond and provided a solution that worked. No complaints - keep up the great work!(Anonymously)2016-01-31 01:45:53
Works really fine! I like the feature that it can backup to a NAS file system (in my case a WD My Cloud Mirror). (Anonymously)2016-01-15 04:41:04
Maybe I'm biased because my grandparents came here in 1939 with the World's Fair in New York to work the Swiss Pavilion...fell in love and stayed. I found your software exceptional. Please build more stuff soon.Marc Imhof2016-01-09 18:49:14
Backup 2 has transformed the way I work. It is so reliable and easy to set up that I can literally just forget about it while it does all the work in the background. I have used several backup programs before and none have come close to Backup 2 for both ease of use and reliability. After suffering a previous loss of data due to backup unreliability I was constantly having to check that backups were being made until I changed to Backup 2 which quite simply "just gets on with it without any fuss". I especially like the fact that it stores plain files making it very easy to find old files unlike the programs that store just one, huge file with complicated recovery procedures. Dave Plant2016-01-03 04:27:34
Tremendous. A simple and reliable system to guarantee a regular backup and fail-safe data storage. Compared to the clumsy and infinitely complex versions that get shipped with every NAS drive, this is worth every penny and I couldn't recommend it enough.(Anonymously)2015-12-31 05:32:46
Very pleased with my purchase. It does EXACTLY what I want and with great efficiency and speed. Wish more software developers would adopt this model.John C-Liberty, MO (USA)2015-12-19 18:37:48
I've been using Bvckup beta for too long to remember, and since it has saved me from my most recent computer crash, I think I need to give back to its creators their due :) thank you! The app is perfect, simple, to the point, performant, enough control when I need and enough simplicity when I don't. It's true to its words: it does simple things and does it extremely well. Well worth the money.(Anonymously)2015-12-13 08:49:57
Only been using for an hour or so, but I am amazed at how good this is, so far.(Anonymously)2015-11-27 07:39:29
Hey, happy costumer from Italy here. I'v tried other backup solutions, but yours was exactly what I was looking for: easy to configure, powerful and efficient. You did really an excellent job with the interface: very simple to use and understand, yet it has lots of useful options. That's what I call a great design! A tool that just does the job the way you want to easily, without struggling with the interface. Couldn't ask for more, especially for the price! Keep up the good work. Ciao! Rudy (Anonymously)2015-11-23 06:00:25
Totally well-made UI. Works like a charm.(Anonymously)2015-11-18 13:39:09
Most of the time I forget that it's there ... which is exactly as it should be. It's unobtrusive and does exactly what it needs to do. Love it.(Anonymously)2015-11-11 05:30:06
Great backup application. EXACTLY what I've been looking for, for many years -- Just move the changes. No encryption. No system overhead. No fuss...and no suggestions for changes. Well done.(Anonymously)2015-11-06 03:41:55
Hi, just thought I'd say how pleased I am with Bvckup2 so far. It appears to work faultlessly, in fact when I was tinkering with one of the backup NAS drives I inadvertently deleted a folder of backup data. Bvckup2 was not phased by this, and simply re backed up the missing data, brilliant! Other backup software I have tried over time has been expensive and unreliable (an unreliable backup is no better than no backup at all). I am impressed with the simplicity of the program... it just works, and takes little or no maintenance from me apart from the initial setup, well done.(Anonymously)2015-11-03 14:16:33
Absolutrly great software. Has enterpise features for ridiculous price. Stable, lightweight, plain, efficient. Excellent job.(Anonymously)2015-10-31 01:53:04
This app was the only backup solution that I considered to be worth my while. It didn't add unnecessary add-ons, features, custom file formats and services that just add fluff to something that should make you feel protected from the worst that could happen to your data. Keep up the good work, and thank you for your awesome software.ADJ2015-10-14 19:50:34
This app is fantastic. I know that it's function (at its core) is a simple one, but it just works and never fails. I've yet to need any of its more advanced options, but I sleep better at night knowing they're there.(Anonymously)2015-10-05 07:49:55
I had an unfortunate case of HDD failure with 4 years worth of priceless memories essentially lost to the magnetic disks of time. HDD recovery specialists done an excellent job but only recovered 30% - 40% and cost alot of money. Immediately after I started looking for a backup solution, but ended up buying alot of HDDs. I then had to manually copy files over into various folders and update each file and folder by myself as I went across several HDDs, come of them mirrored to. I wasn't able to find the right solution that would work for me, because I dislike bulky programs and proprietary file format backups as well as they sea of annoying subscription cloud based services and hidden sub-menu features that co-exist with the various backup applications out there. I have trailed Acronis and various others and as mentioned its too busy, when all you want to do is efficiently backup memories and or content to several other locations. I'm not interested whether the OS is backed up, as I can always reinstall that. For myself its the important things that matter and trusting a piece of programming to handle it efficiently was the reason I chose Bvckup 2. It just works, the UI is obvious and the process is just what you'd want to do yourself except this program does it a million times better. Scheduling various backups has never been so easy, I am not tech-illiterate either I just want program that I set-up once and that's it. The price of an HDD recovery specialist cannot be justified, when compared to a solid backup solution for a atomic fraction of the price. I am so happy I found this backup solution and hope that others do too! Matt - Graphic Designer and Filmmaker 2015-10-02 14:56:22
Does exactly what it says on the tin and does it perfectly.Jim Davenport2015-09-19 13:25:47
Some of the best UX/UI in a Windows app!(Anonymously)2015-09-08 14:52:22
I love it, it looks good, does exactly what I want. Keep up the good work :)(Anonymously)2015-08-29 07:38:06
Very good, easy to use and has a comprehensive list of features to suit almost any user(Anonymously)2015-08-26 11:27:09
I am a independent software developer and my code is very valuable to me. Therefore, backing up my work is an essential ongoing requirement. During my searching and testing the available backup software on the market, I came across Bvckup. It is without doubt the best of the lot for my requirements. Bvckup is easy to use, operates unobtrusively in the background and gives me great peace of mind in the knowledge that everything is backed up all the time. This is a no 'bells and whistles' product, it just does exactly what it says on the package and that is exactly how backup software should be. I rate this as a 5 star product without any hesitation.Clinton2015-08-18 01:29:35
Excellent -- well behaved, unobtrusive and effective. Best program of its type I've ever used.(Anonymously)2015-08-16 10:12:17
Best app i have ever seen. Thank you.(Anonymously)2015-08-12 13:10:29
Best backup software. Ever. I use it to backup my keys and virtual images. Can't count how many times it saved me. I just wish it was cross-platform. marksteve2015-08-11 19:30:59
Over the years I had tried numerous backup applications. Some were trials but most I had purchased and I have never been impressed with any of them. I have now been using Bvckup 2 a little less than year now and I must say that Bvckup 2 is simply the best backup application that I have used. It is easy to use, inexpensive, super fast and plain just works without issues. It may not have some of the unused features that others have but that does not matter because what I want to do is backup my data. I want to back up my data fast, safe and in a format that I could use in another PC without having to resort to the original backup application to read with all their encryption nonsense and what have you. I have uninstalled all my other backup applications that I had bought and used over the years, the most recent being Acronis True Image 2015 and Novastore backup. I will not be using anything except Bvckup 2 from now on. I use Bvckup 2 to backup my PC and backup my NAS to NAS and to backup my NAS to USB external drives, all flawlessly, without issues, without problems, without error and with initial full backups taking hours instead of days and recurring backups taking seconds or minutes instead of hours and hours. Thank you Bvckup 2, you have restored my confidence in software engineering again by designing an efficient product that works as claimed, not bloated taking up all my PC resources, does not have ads and ads poppy up all over (I hate ads in software) and is very fairy priced for consumers. I urge everyone to try Bvckup 2 for their backup needs.Peter Zacarelli2015-08-09 17:14:39
Love itFeuertanz2015-08-08 10:35:58
AWESOME x 100! A Perfect Solution. I use it to back up about 50+ active directories. Everything is impressive! Absolute YAY!!!! I LOVE that it is minimal. but maybe this option could be switchable. FIVE STARS! Regards, DavidDavid Muir2015-08-04 05:02:29
It is the best backup I have found so far - easy to use and backups are easy to access.John Howard2015-08-03 17:23:32
This app is truly brilliant, one of my most essential apps and one of the first installed after a new windows installation!(Anonymously)2015-08-01 12:36:03
Simple & quick to set up. Perfect as my back up solution as have complete peace of mind that my data is secure. Thanks - a brilliant piece of software.Dave Matthews2015-07-26 14:56:08
Hello Bvckup 2 team, I just want you all to know how incredibly unfortunate it is that the Swiss haven't figured out how to export 'awesome' yet because you guys must have a surplus of it lying around at the Pipemetrics office. (◕‿◕) Seriously though, you've built a rock-solid backup solution that deserves more praise than I can possibly put into words. There are a lot of companies that adhere to the "Everything but the kitchen sink" approach when it comes to including unnecessary, memory-hogging features. On the contrary, Bvckup 2 is blazing fast, it does exactly what a backup solution is supposed to do, and it's highly configurable without being overly complicated. It's not a poorly programmed all-in-one solution that fails to deliver anything but a headache. So thank you... thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your past, present, and future contributions. Oh and if you do discover how to bottle up some of that 'awesome', I'd love it if you could share!Sean Aikins2015-07-25 22:14:23
Absolutely fantastic software. Feature-rich but expertly designed to present only necessary information. This is the software all operating systems should come with. Will be purchasing licenses for the whole office.(Anonymously)2015-07-20 17:01:08
I absolutely love it. I cannot imagine myself ever using anything else for backup. One gigantic thing I love about it is the focus on performance. I can confidently add huge file sets to a backup, without worrying that my machine is going to spend all it's time scanning for changes. Also, the UI truly is a thing of beauty. I sometimes use elements of the bvckup UI as a reference for some of my own work.Ben Harper2015-07-20 02:20:39
So far, so good! I'm pretty impressed of the clean and minimalistic design and the straight forward functionality of the product.(Anonymously)2015-07-18 09:06:28
Best Windows backup solution I've ever used. Simple and fast, does what it claims to do with no fuss. Has to be one of the best thought out UIs I've seen in a long time. Highly recommend Bvckup2 to anyone looking to move beyond Windows backup.Stu Henderson2015-07-17 20:00:08
To be honest, it was a troublesome job for me to backup files that change frequently. Bvckup 2 has made data backups easier, reliable and automated. It is a great backup software. (Anonymously)2015-07-17 01:02:41
If you are like me, you have tried and bled on myriad backup programs. You have spent hours...days...wading through way too complicated interfaces and set up everything, only to find out that it doesn't work. You see, backup programs are supposed to backup date. Some companies don't seem to get the concept. I worked for 1/4 of a century in IT with a international corporation whose name you would recognize. I know what I am doing, when it comes to computers. So, my poor experience with other backup programs is not due to user issues. After finally finding Bvckup 2 and working with it without any problems, I consider myself a fortunate person. Why do I like Bvckup 2?...IT WORKS!!! And, it is not bogged down with features that I don't need. It is hands-down the fastest backup software that I have ever worked with. I highly recommend Bvckup 2. Try it...and you will understand my enthusiastic endorsement.Craig William Dayton2015-07-14 19:14:27
Bvckup 2 is simplicity itself. The program is light, powerful and intuitive. Highly recommended.(Anonymously)2015-07-14 12:30:36
Fantastic app. Own 3 licenses and well worth the price. Flawless performance.(Anonymously)2015-07-14 09:24:02
Outstandingly simple and fabulously good.Barry J2015-07-14 07:29:08
Great backup solution, fast and simple.Nirun Mankong2015-07-14 03:35:30
First backup app that ever "just worked". Never crashes.Mark2015-07-13 11:23:01
So well designed. The hardest pat on the back is being sent your way.(Anonymously)2015-07-11 12:07:20
Bvckup 2 is an amazing product. It seamlessly runs in the background, keeping everything backed up, while consuming tiny amounts of system resources. It is fast, no-fuss, and I love it!(Anonymously)2015-07-11 05:47:56
Love it! Bvckup 2 is fast, simple, so easy to use. Does what it is supposed to do, and does it fast. I wish all software was like this! Thanks for a GREAT product!(Anonymously)2015-07-09 18:01:09
Very happy so far - exactly what I was looking for. I love that it is both technical yet easy to use. Was using Yadis that I still respect, but feature set wasn't quite as good. I get the sense this is a quality product with a commitment to development and improvement.(Anonymously)2015-07-08 21:15:39
Bvckup is probably one of the best backup-apps to date. Because it lets you chose for each folder different destinations and backup times, and because it provides a 1:1 copy of your files on another drive or NAS. Whenever I need an accidentally deleted file, it takes just a couple of seconds to retrieve it on the backup. Beside that it is stable and reliable. I've not had any failures since I worked with it. I don't like the big solutions like Acronis and the like to backup data because they store the data in compressed and encrypted form. If you are looking for a fast, easy-to-use and reliable backup tool, which on top of that also offers a lot of individual settings, I highly recommend bvckup which is a perfect tool for a very decent price. For backups of entire system disks I recommend Caspar, another, also very easy to use backup tool that has saved me more than once.Stefan Müller, Switzerland2015-07-08 14:48:41
LOVE IT! Made my backup process so simple and automatic.Arturo A.2015-07-08 13:39:12
It's great. It does the thinking while I carry on working. Great simple interface, I don't need a degree in computer science to use it either because it does all the clever stuff for me.....Steve L~2015-07-08 03:38:44
I really enjoy this program. It is highly customizable and I like that there is only a one-time purchase price. I REALLY like that there is a built-in updater. Most programs will give a popup saying there is an update only to bring you to their website to re download the program in install over top of the current installation. This is sloppy. I greatly appreciate the built in self updater. I love the UI of the program. Most programs are going towards the windows 8 "metro" theme, and I think that is terrible. Keep the UI or at least leave an option to go back to this UI if there is a UI change. These semi-frequent updates to the program make me feel warm and fuzzy; the program is being maintained nicely. Thanks for making such a useful program!Ken2015-07-07 17:13:05
I'm coming from Mac OS where I use Carbon Copy Cloner. I registered Backup2 because I like the simple and to the point interface. I also like how easy it is to set up a backup plan. Most of the time, I find Windows applications to be ugly and with too many options.Fred K2015-07-07 15:09:00
Bvckup 2 is a great backup tool. I've been using it since it came out of beta and I'm loving it ever since! It's very easy to configure, has a neat interface which provides you with all the required info and it's fast, extremely fast! Even the small details like how changes for new updates are presented are very nice. Also the customer support is exemplary. Definitely two thumbs up!Peter Van Tendeloo, Belgium2015-07-07 13:04:10
Probably one of cleanest designed programs I have ever used. Bvckup does exactly what it says it will do and the manner in which communicates that is crystal clear. Even the process to get a license, from within the app, to the web and back for activation was just sublime. I'm not sure I have enjoyed paying for a piece of software as much as this.(Anonymously)2020-02-22 17:02:21
Well. its simple and effective. Does exactly what I need it to do. No bells and whistles, but pure function!Bongz2019-10-15 16:23:07
One of the best looking Windows apps I've used. Gets out of the way and works well.(Anonymously)2019-09-28 16:13:54
Used it a lot. Love it. Very stable. Easy to use. Reliable. (Anonymously)2019-04-26 10:03:35
Simplest and lightest backup software I've used. Better than built in backup. Lighter and streamlined than most commercial ones.(Anonymously)2019-02-20 17:42:53
Bvckup is exactly what I've been looking for. It is clean, elegant, intuitive, efficient, powerful and fast. It does everything it is supposed to and does it all well, and it does not get distracted by trying to do things that are beyond it's scope (which is rare these days). I expect I will be using it far into the future. And I highly recommend it to others.Sean S.2018-04-29 01:51:57
I started my career as a professional programmer in the 1970's and currently manage a team of software development consultants, and Bvckup is one of the most well-written programs I have ever seen. Incredible fit and finish, well thought out features, intuitively configurable. Great work! (Anonymously)2018-04-13 14:11:52
This is one of the most beautiful apps I have ever seen. I am a graphic designer and I code in JavaScript a lot. This is all kinds of awesome and just like I'd try to build something. Minimalistic, simple, great design and work flow in this. The website is fantastic as well. Of course it works as you'd expect. Thank you for creating all of this!John2018-03-01 22:29:32
I love the lightweightness of this app and simplicity in setting up backups. I like that the backup leaves files in their native format instead of bundling them all in a proprietary ball that requires the software to restore. The updates are quick and easy and effective, you update then restart the app without requiring me to do anything. I've run many large backup systems for the decades and I've found Bvckup 2 to be the simplest, most effective backup software for PC's yet. Nick Albu2018-01-29 14:36:35
Brilliant .. does a complex job well and smoothlyJ Ernst Siegenthaler2018-01-18 21:56:52
This has been my favorite backup program for several years. Simple and effective.(Anonymously)2017-10-13 20:38:22
I've been using this software for over a year now.... I cannot recommend it enough... Tech support - there when you need them, just works well... they have answered my few queries... I recommend highly, the best backup software around... Quick, Simple, Awesome + Blazingly Fast !!! *** This software is just how it should be!!!(Anonymously)2017-09-23 18:10:20
I love it. It's super fast in terms of configuration and actual performance. I really like the UI - well designed, functional, but not over-the-top. It's a good example of function over form without compromising on form. I don't think I could be happier with a backup program - this is pretty much ideal.1vasari2017-09-16 01:07:43
I just wanted to say that I think this is one of the most beautiful software implementations I've ever seen! So slick. Well done!Doug Lapsley2017-09-05 16:10:57
Very easy to use, simple copy/backup function - performs very well in the background, reliably and with no fuss. Absolutely love it. (Anonymously)2017-07-31 13:30:51
Unlike the other pieces of software I tried before (and I tried quite a few of them) Bvckup 2 does exactly what I needed without needing me to read any long documentation to be able to set it up. I purchased it, installed it and in 1 minute (after setting only 3 options), the software was doing exactly what I needed, which was making an exact copy of 1 folder into another folder of my USB external drive. Every 2 hours (or any other time interval I want), the software checks for differences and updates the target folder. Now I can sleep well knowing that I have all my work totally safe. A million thanks for making this simple, intuitive and easily configurable software. All software should be like this: simple, fast and 100% efficient.Daniel Martín2017-07-21 06:05:43
The app is incredible. It works like a charm with no sweat at all. The design is absolutely flawless.(Anonymously)2017-07-12 19:12:15
Absolutely brilliant piece if software, ridiculously easy to use, keeping my laptops backed up (with a multi PC licence) is a doddle. Would highly recommend. Wins over other backup software I have used / tried by miles.David H2017-06-27 21:56:45
So far so good; very slick and simple design with tons of features and it does exactly what I want at high speed (the delta copying method suits me perfect). So impressed that I payed for this after only a few days trial... and I don't remember the last time I payed for software - normally I use open source apps. I have a soft spot for programs that let me control fine details, and that's the case here. Far too long I've been manually mucking around with backing up my 250GB+ of music at random intervals. Finally I got round to automating it and I'm glad to have found this program. Time will tell if I remain this pleased, but I suspect I will ;)(Anonymously)2017-06-14 10:05:20
The simplest backup utility I've used in the last 20 years.(Anonymously)2017-03-31 13:28:35
This is one of those apps you stumble upon after you've had a bit of a disaster and lost a load of data. My experience with Bvckup2 so far - it's like a Swiss watch. Finely crafted, well thought out, and runs smoothly and efficiently with minimal attention. You don’t even realize it’s there in the background. (Anonymously)2017-02-26 18:34:55
This is an incredible piece of software! Exactly what I wanted - a straight mirror backup of different folder of my network attached storage. And I wanted everything un-encrypted with no complicated menus to deal with. Thank you for keeping this so simple, straightforward, fast, reliable and easy to understand!Shantanu Kulkarni2017-02-17 05:30:50
Over the years (many, many years) of using umteen different backup programs, all of them have managed to mess up a backup disc at sometime or other, hence having used so many differnt ones. Bvckup 2 has been my savior. I've been using it for, I don't know how long, probably over two years and I just forget it's there. Occasionally I look at the backups to check all's okay, but they always are. I have complete confidence in Bvckup now. Thanks very much! Andy Roberts, Spain2017-02-14 13:58:47
This smokes MS SyncToy.(Anonymously)2017-01-30 04:32:51
Absolutely love it. Best non-image backup by far! Very clean UI. Just works. Use it for over a year now. Still happy!(Anonymously)2016-11-28 01:31:28
I love this product, the numerous features work well and the delta copying option is perfect for my setup. Thanks for the hard work put into this product; it certainly shows!(Anonymously)2016-11-12 01:36:53
I like it very much. It is simple, it is fast and it does not make back-ups in a format, that is impossible to read if needed. this makes it simple to share files between comuters. (Anonymously)2016-11-01 16:16:29
The app is excellent. It does precisely what it advertises, and it works perfectly.(Anonymously)2016-10-17 23:31:11
Had to smile when after migrating my Win7 system to RAID, on first running Bvckup, a message appeared in the notification area: "Ooh. RAID? Nice!" (or very similar wording). Just one of the little touches that makes Bvckup such a pleasure to use. Bvckup follows the UNIX philosophy of "do one thing and do it very well". A virtual pint (or more) to you Alex and your team. Thank you from a happy Bvckup2 user.Mike Tomlinson2016-09-27 19:47:59
This software is very good and i installed at serveral clients. (Anonymously)2016-09-03 13:18:04
Love it, does everything I need to create a secondary external backup of my NAS Storage.(Anonymously)2016-08-25 18:04:30
Returning to Bvckup 2 after having helped with the Beta. Only now that my setup has grown in complexity, do I truly appreciate the elegance of this application. This software is as much art as it is a utility.Amitab Mukerjee2016-07-25 20:59:35
Fabulous piece of software, works without needing its hand held and does the job very well. It also has what may be the smoothest, most painless update/upgrade experience I've ever seen. Seriously. Whoever is responsible for that particular aspect should be very proud indeed.(Anonymously)2016-07-16 15:43:13
Love this program! It just works. I use this to create daily, weekly and monthly backups of our laptops out to a SAN. This is much easier then trying to use Windows10 Scheduler to do it.(Anonymously)2016-07-06 13:19:03
So quickly ! Much fast ! Wow !Léo Martin2016-06-30 19:49:28
This is probably the most no-fuss, absolutely satisfying piece of software that I have used! I wish other Windows software were this simple and this polished.(Anonymously)2016-06-10 12:22:24
Best backup software I have ever used. So simple yet so powerful and useful. I love the clean design. I have been looking for this app for a long time. Thanks!(Anonymously)2016-05-21 20:24:32
Just. Awesome. Shut up and take mah money kind of awesome.(Anonymously)2016-05-13 05:25:48
Having used a few different packages I must say your enumeration is by far faster and more stable when having millions of files to process. The archiving option is a work of genius. Thank you Q Rautenbach2016-05-11 15:33:15
So far I am very impressed by its simplicity yet completeness. I have just changed to Bvckup 2 from Acronis which just got too complicated and resource heavy for a non-professional user. So, to date, 10/10!(Anonymously)2016-04-20 01:34:45
My experience with this app has been fantastic. I highly recommend this app without any reservations. I have recommended this app to my family and friends as an ideal back-up app. Keep up the good job. I would change nothing in this app. It is perfect as it is. Just does its job well. Nothing less and nothing else.Joe Thaliyath2016-04-17 07:11:57
After a lot of trial and testing of backup applications, my opinion is that Bvckup 2 is by far the best backup application in the market, for the home user. I appreciate its simplicity, its efficiency, its ease of use, and its unfailing performance. After testing it in the trial version I will definitely buy it. The only thing I do not like is its name, kind of awkward to pronounce. Find a more appealing name, please ! Bruno2016-04-13 03:06:01
Oh really nice user experience. The most intuitive and easy to use yet. Options where you need them, otherwise clean and simple. If any suggestion, I'd use system image backup, too. Good stuff, keep on.(Anonymously)2016-03-10 15:29:10
This app is very stable, reliable and fast, very easy to configure. It really does what it proposes to do, without the bells and whistles that other apps have, and when you try to restore anything, discover that it failed miserably. This happened to me with Genie Timeline program, and that's why my two computers use bvckup on them to secure my files. Thumbs up!Marcos Isidro2016-03-03 10:50:07
Wonderful, simple, powerful app.(Anonymously)2016-03-02 06:17:03
This is software done right! Clear functionality that works as it should with zero bloatware and no useless features. The work that went into designing such a clean interaction has not gone unnoticed either. The workflow is really simple and I appreciate that it manages to hide all the complexity of the data model.Arthur2016-02-15 12:49:49
Fantastic software. It solved two major issues for us: correctly copying ACL's, and long file name support. Best backup software I've worked with. Eugene Cachola2016-02-04 14:33:36
I'm owner of two licenses using it on two workstations to backup on a Synology DS1515+ and to external SATA disks as well. To make it short: This is a great piece of software, it is reliable, it is absolutely fast and it is easy to configure and use. Many thanks, I'm a very satisfied customer.(Anonymously)2016-01-19 09:17:41
I was looking for a windows replacement for chrono sync for backing up large amounts of photographs. This is fast light and wonderfully designed. Bravo.(Anonymously)2016-01-10 08:34:42
Really impressed with the program, very fast, very reliable and above all simple to use. (Anonymously)2016-01-05 14:39:58
Switched from Acronis 2015. Light on resources, clean and intuitive interface and great performance. It's hard to find programs like this these days. I purchased it after 1 day of trial. Danke & Merci!Joseph Kim2016-01-01 10:40:12
It works quit well. I've previously used SyncToy, and I got all the settings from SyncToy, but with a much better performance, and it is easy with scheduling tasks.(Anonymously)2015-12-27 07:10:43
Been using computers for 30 years and have tried many backup solutions during this time. Unfortunately they have not proved to be a solution. A problem has always arisen at some time and in my experience they always failed, usually at a critical time. Most are complicated to set up & use and there was always a feeling of unreliability. Decided to try Bvckup and have been using it for a month or so. It just works. Simple to check that things have backed up and you know it will be there when you need it. Confidence at last. Great.EGM Newcastle2015-12-16 03:35:41
I have been looking for replacement for Memeo Backup - continuous backup with one copy only of each file (ie. not a main backup once a week and incremental backups in between) but without the total rescan each time the computer is switched on: Bvckup appears to do this well - is exactly what I was looking for.(Anonymously)2015-11-29 03:53:49
This is the most amazing backup program. It just does what it says without bloat. I struggled for a long time to find a good program and came across bvckup a couple years ago. It's lightweight and not a memory hog and super easy to setup and forget. Matt2015-11-25 07:19:36
PerfectClayton Reed2015-11-21 16:07:39
Just wanted to say thanks for making bvckup. I love programs that do 1 thing, and do it *really* well. And the option to run it as a service is fantastic. Thank you, and thank you for your help when I needed it.Rick Payton2015-11-11 10:41:15
Yes! Finally something with the reliability of robocopy, the speed of rsync, and amazing simplicity that belies a very good feature set.cshenderson2015-11-10 14:29:20
Fantastic. This app is exactly what I was looking for. Making automatic backups of folders hasn't been any easier on Windows. Fast, clean interface, runs as it says it will, and simple. Fantastic App!(Anonymously)2015-11-03 20:00:28
I was looking for two things: 1. Mirroring of files to another drive with minimal system impact (not using software or hardware RAID). 2. The first to be done with rock solid reliability I am extremely happy with this polished little gem. Thank you devs!Eric Saindon2015-10-31 12:37:03
Wow, this piece of software is exactly what I was looking for. Just like if it was written only for me, I could not imagine anything better. A tiny, clean backup program which syncs my ~400GB data partition with an external hard drive. While other programs needed 15 hours for this task (every time!!!), Bvckup 2 was finished in 5 hours in the first run and takes only a couple of minutes in subsequent runs now, thanks to its snapshot feature. Totally worth its money, a thousand times better than any bloated free software with overloaded GUI and poor performance. Thank you for writing this tool, Pipemetrics.Tim Jaacks2015-10-21 04:50:47
Perhaps one of the best designed apps I've used so far. Although it is a particular aesthetic so may not appeal to everyone but it sure does it for me. (Anonymously)2015-10-12 20:36:25
I really, really , really LOVE this piece of software! I was looking for something to replace my aging AllwaySync which was giving me errors that I could not troubleshoot, and your software works so flawlessly. I'm anxiously awaiting what software your team develops next. Thank you!(Anonymously)2015-10-05 05:49:57
My initial reaction was "Meh, this probably does what many other applications do (ex. SyncBack SE)". I have been very impressed with the simplicity, thought into the UI and the overall speed, delta copying, shadow copy, etc. I use it for development snapshots throughout the day and it works very well in the background basically bookmarking everything every few hours. I think the idea of "do one thing and do it well" has been well represented with the application. Other sync applications can be overwhelming with options get lost in making a simple mirror copy efficiently while the system is in use.(Anonymously)2015-09-25 13:47:31
Great. Love the simplicity. Reliable and fast. I use it at work and at home. If you need a straightforward backup app, this is it.(Anonymously)2015-09-10 17:04:12
Beautifully simple and elegant app. Spent years using various other programs. This one is the bee's knees. What can I say; I've been programming for more than 20 years. Would be proud to work for you!Dave Bower2015-09-03 15:55:37
Digging the app so far. Purchased 2 pro seats. Might grab another if I get tempted to use it on a 3rd system. Great look! Great functionality. I was using SyncBackPro before. Bvckup has replaced it for me. :)(Anonymously)2015-08-26 19:43:04
> How was your experience with the app so far? I absolutely love the simplicity and straightforwardness. You buy a backup app, you get a backup app. A simple, efficient, unobtrusive simple mirroring app. Very well coded too. Update system is seamless. CPU usage is excellent. Good job!!! > How does it stack up against the others? Absolutely no other backup app can even remotely touch it. Most of them are bloat or try to push some sort of cloud on you. > Anything you'd change, add or remove? Literally no!Andrea Pietrangeli2015-08-18 12:18:49
Bvckup 2 is just what I need for a backup program - a lightweight, feature-heavy application that runs in the background. I've had no problems so far and it works very well.(Anonymously)2015-08-17 10:36:51
Straightforward setup, easy to use, has been doing my business' networked backups daily/hourly onto a 24/7 system with 6TB drives. I purchased the program the end of May 2015. Works flawlessly, price extremely reasonable.(Anonymously)2015-08-15 06:40:09
Does exactly what it says "on the tin". Blindingly efficient, small memory footprint, simple to use. Works with OneDrive and my NAS without error or complication. Perfect!Dave Ayres2015-08-11 22:54:28
I like it alot, simple, smart and does what it should. If only more applications was like this :)(Anonymously)2015-08-10 10:28:28
Very pleased. Easy to set up. Reliable in operation. Clear status messages. Very quick. Much better than the backup application I had been using before which had a horrid habit of saying "succeeded" when it meant "failed".(Anonymously)2015-08-09 15:00:00
It's the best backup app I've ever used. Period. It's simple, fast and elegant. What else could you want?(Anonymously)2015-08-06 10:59:34
"YAY" It's too common these days to turn to Google, looking for a simple and effective tool for a simple and common problem, only find that most of the options barely do what they claim to do. Bvckup 2 does what it says it does, nothing more, and hooray for that. It's massively easier than most other backup tools and much faster, and makes backing up from one local directory to another as easy as it should be. (Anonymously)2015-08-03 17:36:41
I loved the program, it does not consume a lot of PC resources, delta backup is great, no need to copy everything. Easy interface and only functions which are needed makes user interface easy to use and understandable.(Anonymously)2015-08-03 04:53:33
Brilliant App, focused, clear-cut, well performing against an intelligent design.Dan S, UK.2015-07-31 03:22:57
After using Norton Ghost for a couple of years i figured it was time for something new. I run a backup to both a hard drive in my PC and to my NAS. Norton Ghost started failing the backups to the NAS because it wouldn't wait for the drives to spin up. Bvckup 2 does wait for my drives to spin up, and does a complete backup to my hard drive and to my NAS without problems. And it's so much faster, with a much cleaner and really easy to use interface. I started with the 14 day trial, and just purchased a license. It's only $19,95. A lot of companies ask a lot more, without offering a trial making you pay to find out if you like the program or not.Rik2015-07-26 08:33:31
I find Bvckup2 to be excellent. Beautiful UI, unlike most other applications. I am impressed by the attention to detail, robustness and speed. Congratulations. It's great to see software done properly - all too often it's bloated and more concerned with the marketing of features rather than delivery of the core functionality.(Anonymously)2015-07-21 23:58:17
It's brilliant! It does just one thing and does it perfectly. I've previously used Beyond Compare for keeping a copy of my documents but Bvckup 2 is much simpler to configure and use. Well worth the licence cost.(Anonymously)2015-07-20 04:32:50
Yay. I've been very pleased with it since early beta testing. It has been - by far - the best and easiest way to back up my computer to my NAS. I tried several other options including Windows built in backups, the NAS backup suite, and a free one (can't remember which, but it was AWFUL). Bvckup2 was well worth the purchase price - and it's one of the few pieces of software I've paid for in quite some time.Matt Vaughn2015-07-19 20:53:59
This app shines. It's so elegant, so well-designed, and so simple that it turns a mundane task into a pleasure. The UI is perfectly suited to what it does, and there's no feature bloat. So rare. You've done such an amazing job. (Anonymously)2015-07-18 07:53:44
LOVE IT! Simple and elegant, with everything I need and nothing I don't need. VERY small footprint too, which is much-appreciated in this age of "bloatware." Thank you and keep up the fantastic work.(Anonymously)2015-07-17 14:28:04
A great piece of kit to have. I had been using a very old program, smartfilecopy, but this is much more sophisticated and works oh so easily.Andrew Carter2015-07-15 15:14:26
Hi, I formerly used acronis true image and I continued to have massive problems with PC slowed down to a crawl when it was unusable for long periods. I felt that I needed to persevere as I recognised the importance of regular backups but I often had to abandon the PC when it was backing up. Did a web search for something simpler and more efficient that just got on with the job of creating backups of all my files, music and photos, etc without stifling my machine. Gave Bvckup 2 a try and WOW. It was love at first sight. Simple, uncluttered, efficient, silent - and I backup to a 3TB external drive. No fuss. No crawl. It just quietly gets on with the job while I get on with my life. Never looked back from the day I acquired this very beautiful software. Many thanks.Nick2015-07-14 15:10:10
It just works. It doesn't get in the way, the interface is very smooooth and so far we haven't had any issues. Judging from the updates, the developer seems pretty responsive. For me, backup is a "set and forget" thing - I don't want to be continually made aware that it's happening, but I want to be reassured that it IS happening. Bvckup2 is the best PC backup solution I've used. (Anonymously)2015-07-14 10:26:53
This piece of software is the only one that will be my all time standard for usability, visual appeal and raw power. Even though I'm not a software engineer, I can appreciate the hard work that went into this and it shines through in the UI and the performance. The scope of the program is limited, or better said, focused to a few core functions, and I think this is the best approach for good, reliable software I can trust my data on (TeraCopy is another example of this mindset). Despite the somewhat quirky name, I will recommend this to everyone how will find use in it and I'm using Bvckup myself regularly.(Anonymously)2015-07-14 09:10:03
For years i was using syncovery which did the job very well, but i switched to Bvckup2 and have experienced much, much faster backups and also its very simple to use, stable and a real pleasure to use, it's been my best software purchase for years, Thank you! Great JobNick2015-07-14 04:28:07
Useful tool that I use to back up my internal drives to external drives. Runs quietly in the background on a schedule so there is no need to have to remember to undertake backups manually. Well worth the money. Recommended utility.Mark Adams2015-07-13 11:44:19
Great program. Need versioned history, then it will be perfect! Keep up the good work :)(Anonymously)2015-07-11 19:25:24
It's simply awesome. Simple. Quick. Exactly what I need. Great work!(Anonymously)2015-07-11 09:08:05
Awesome. Love how lightweight it is!(Anonymously)2015-07-10 07:52:40
I think the app is great. Its fast and simple to use. BradN2015-07-08 22:44:01
Still loving this application! The elegant and intuitive interface is surprisingly powerful. New features are steadily added, and each one is finely honed. A true delight to use. gpfnz2015-07-08 14:50:21
I have tried many different backup applications in the past with varying degrees of success, however none have come close to matching bvckup2. For a variety of reasons, my main difficulty with other applications has been getting a reliable backup to a NAS on a regular scheduled basis. Bvckup2 has never once failed in undertaking this task and this alone makes the license worth every penny. It is very simple to use this program and I really like the clean modern interface that does not rely on pointless frills that do nothing but eat systems resources. Bvckup 2 is the quickest backup suite I have used by some distance and I am more then happy to let it do its work in the background knowing that its undertaking its tasks reliably and without issue. One of the very best things about this application is that it is being continually updated and improved. I have purchased 4 licenses in total for various members and all I can really add is that bvckup2 is a fantastic piece of work.Kev K2015-07-08 13:41:41
Simplest and best mirroring program out there! Over the (many) years I have used many file backup programs - SyncBack SE, SyncToy, FreeFileSync etc etc. However Bvckup 2 overnight became my go-to backup program because of it's intuitiveness, functionality with simplicity, and speed. I mirror my user directory daily - the option to archive previous file versions is a neat option. 5*'s(Anonymously)2015-07-08 09:36:28
For years I used Memeo which suited my purposes well - security of my home data and I did not need it to restore a file - just used windows explorer to pick the file out. It did use a grandfathering approach to versioning but I never had to avail myself of it. The main drawback was a very superficial support when I had a problem and there were other minor irritations like reminder icons for other products sold by the company. I looked at all the popular backup software and after some time I found Bvckup (version 1) - exactly what I wanted. It was a very early version but I could see that this was written by someone who cared about their creation (I was a programmer throughout the '80s and '90s and still dabble, so I know quality when I see it). I am constantly impressed by the quality of Bvckup, the clean and simple interface and the easy accessibility to the highly configurable backup options, the generous and easily viewable log detail, the real-time availability of the backup files, and last but not least, the reliability and high performance of the backup engine. Bvckup is one of the best purchases I have made in over 30 years of PC usage and home ownership. Heaps of praise and many thanks to Alex for a top quality application. John Sykes2015-07-08 01:18:48
I swapped from Acronis for Bvckup 2. I also use Macrium Reflect for system and full drive backups but for day to day files and folders Bvckup 2 is 1. Reliable 2. Instant if needed 3. Easy on system resources 4. Keeps older versions 5. The backed up copy is not reliant on the program being being present = great if doing a reinstall. Although it is a non-compressed backup, I feel this makes it more reliable A larger capacity backup area solves the space problem. As yet, I haven't found anything I would change so far. Thank you.Greg2015-07-07 15:36:56
Simple, lightweight memory footprint, unobtrusive good all round app.JohnD2015-07-07 14:18:15
Does what is says on the package. It's fast, efficient, easy to configure and easy to monitor. Works with all of my devices -- NAS, USB thumbdrives, and harddisk, encrypted or not. Very nice software.Gary Costanzo, New York, USA2015-07-07 04:23:42

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