Pro Support
Software updates & technical support


Pro Support is a maintenance package that provides access
to the technical support and software updates.

One year of Pro Support is included with every Pro license.

After a year it can be extended for another year for a fee.


As the software continues to be improved and maintained, there are two types of updates that are released on a regular basis.

Minor releases

These are smaller maintenance updates. They patch known issues and implement smaller improvements. We usually ship them every few weeks and they are tagged with a subversion - 80.1, 80.2, etc.

Major releases

Feature releases introduce big new features and other significant changes. These are shipped every few months and each of them receives its own release number - 80, 81, etc.

For a complete list of program releases to date see here.

Pro Support

Minor releases are on us, perpetually.

Major releases are included for a year, counting from the first use of activation code.

After a year Pro Support can be renewed for another year or it can be allowed to lapse.

Allowing Pro Support to lapse has no effect on the validity of the license or the operational state of existing setup.

What worked before will continue to work, but you won't be able to use any new feature releases that are shipped after the end of your Pro Support coverage. You will also lose the access to email-based tech support.


You can check the status of your Pro Support coverage in About window of the program, via go Menu > Help > About. You can also see it on your licensing dashboard.


Active coverage

Active Pro Support coverage can be renewed once there's less than 90 days left on it. The program will show a reminder to that effect 90, 30 and 7 days prior to expiry.

The fee is 20% of the original license cost and it will extend existing coverage by 366 days.

Expired coverage

Expired Pro Support coverage can be renewed at any time, without any restrictions on how long ago it lapsed.

The fee is 40% of the original license cost and it will restart the
coverage for 366 days.
Renewal can be initiated directly from the program via Menu > Help > Extend Pro Support. It can also be done through the licensing dashboard.

Basic licenses

Installations running under Basic licenses are limited to program versions that were released before they were licensed. That is, they cannot be upgraded.

Upgrading a Basic installation to a new major release requires upgrading its license to the Pro level. This can be done using via Menu > Help > Upgrade to Pro. This will grant the access to all existing program versions and all releases from a year that follows. It will also enable all Pro features.
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