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Hello there 0 Alex Pankratov
FAQ / Features 0 Alex Pankratov
Feature requests and suggestions 226 Alex Pankratov
Release notes index 0 Alex Pankratov
How to use this forum 2 Alex Pankratov
= Pre-release builds = 0 Alex Pankratov
= Timestamp Clamper = 9 Alex Pankratov
Bvckup 2 does not handle per-monitor DPI scaling properly 0 Aemony
Local Administrator Requirements for service mode 1 ensgoss4
Release 80 14 Alex Pankratov
Excel becomes "read only" 6 jessy
Pause for a bit 0 Alex Pankratov
Backing up Network Drive to External Drive 2 CadillacRick
Network Backup 4 wilsonmfw
Error: network path not found - CreateFile() failed with 53 3 Psychicactus
Duplicate file error 12 Psychicactus
Using a different mail server per back-up job 10 Psychicactus
Waiting for Destination Device 11 Genealogist48
Email alerts and notifications 56 Alex Pankratov
Speed seems Slow 6 niemeyer
Can bvckup be used to synchronize boot partions of different Windows PCs? 7 TechnoMax7
Check out enabled or disabled 3 Andreas_ARTUS
Device tracking and veracrypt 1 Psychicactus
Is there a user manual? Not obvious how to configure backup destination 3 bobsather
Ejecting destination device: Removal vetoed 1 Froggie
Configure email for (or 9 galileo
Pre and post commands with veracrypt 11 Psychicactus
Media and device ejection 6 Alex Pankratov
Explicit NTFS Permissions Copy 1 BSturkey
"Alternate data streams can't be listed, access denied" 5 mhw-at-work
Are we using Bvckup2 the right way ? 1 nko
Filename same different timestamp 1 BD
Exact Same Files Recopied 19 blackhawk8863
Bvckup 2...Great for backing up to OneDrive and Google Drive! 4 BD
Duplicate item 6 peterll
Export/Import Backup Jobs 5 MatthiasMX
Multiple Folders 3 wbr
Pre/Post Backup Commands with mount/dismount and Veracrypt 3 lagom
ReadFile() error 381 9 wbr
Shadow copying 10 wlie
Real-time monitoring error and file not found error 6 lagom
Destination device not found 1 jakzhi
Error trying to back up virtual cloud drive 3 lagom
CreateFile() failed with 1920 5 peterldowns
Handling of "Created" timestamps 0 Alex Pankratov
Error: SetFileValidData() failed with 87 17 matrisojati
Delta copy not working for file which I think should 10 Filecollector
Backed up files missing 3 mastershakes
Access denied 15 mastershakes
Exclude/include pattern specification 27 Hooch

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