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Read source files with sort of Changed Block Tracking mechanism 1 nnogat
Integrity checking 1 savas
Archive modified files 3 edanpedragosa
New user - Email sending error 3 coppiman
External command executed only when manually started backup job 12 Yaromil
How to put a setting override in place 0 Alex Pankratov
Rename Detection Not Working 1 ryanborstelmann
Device I/O Error 1 Rexx
Cloud Backups 21 BvcDer
Why are files updated 8 drave
Error: cyclic redudancy check failed 7 Peacecamper
79.13.1 BUG: Elapsed stat for large files only starts counting after ~15 seconds 9 Deipotent
Continuous backup triggered by copying of files to folder within source? 2 ponder
Multiple folder selection for source 12 TexasTech
Source Scan slams server 2 geoffjukes
Delta copying discussion 16 dstdg18
Delta copying and pre-existing backups 1 Alex Pankratov
How delta copying works 2 Alex Pankratov
USB drive access enable/disable 1 PetieG
How does Bvckup 2 deal with corrupt files 4 berger20
Jobs status monitoring 5 lubo278
Archive backup copies location? 1 balderdash
Drive wear with frequent backups... 3 ponder
Disabled Jobs 4 Bamit
Release 79.10 and 79.12 possibly others, have a bug with destination missing works fine with 79.1 5 ddnational
Change in TrueCrypt file 7 dwienie
Backups Missing 6 gkinrade
Simplify Backup Jobs with Destination Filters 15 MWorthington
Delete Archived Changed/Deleted Items Based On Number Not Time 1 Homer712
Log errors on upgrade from 74.12 to 79.11 1 Deipotent
BUG: Duplicate entries in changes list when upgrading from 74.12 to 79.11 1 Deipotent
Renaming destination drive was a big mistake ? can't find the solution.. 7 Apollo17
Just an Idea 2 Homer712
Backing up to old destination after reinstall 4 Tomi
Bvckup 2 Unstoppable Changes Detection 4 Doequer
Application no longer launching on windows login 1 coaltong
The "Archive_modified" override is ignored (Error) 1 Homer712
Reorder Backups 7 Homer712
Delta Copy not working when editing a video tag 2 magi44ken
From source to destination - and opposite. 1 Lishay
Backup grouping -- coming up in R75 31 Alex Pankratov
Error: specified location has an active connection under a different user name 1 ttham
Preventing sleeping 1 jwshields
Destination over WAN connection with recurring interruptions 1 WF08
Suppressing folder timestamp updates 0 Alex Pankratov
Odd startup error 3 oblivion
Strange scanning inconsistency 2 Froggie
Moving a license 0 Alex Pankratov
99% Error rate while backing up to AWS SGW SMB share 3 michaelhobbs
Upcoming licensing changes 26 Alex Pankratov

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