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"False" systray notification of errors 1 Lurch
Make Go & Stop apply to all jobs if none are selected 7 Deipotent
Release 81.14 - ProcessReparsePoint() failed with 68 1 dierkens
Bvckup2 Fails to Recognize Fingerprinted Removable HDDs Randomly 14 Doequer
Migration to new computer help 5 fauxpride
Scripted installation questions 11 Doequer
Scripted installation 8 Alex Pankratov
'scan of destination location failed' error - how to resolve 1 peterm
Cryptolocker or similar 16 dimtar
Concurrent Backup Jobs' Running Exception 2 Doequer
Partial restore? 2 siliwangi
Destination drive letter changed, am I obliged to do a full bvckup again ? 5 Apollo17
Adding reslience options to failed backup job 3 ismukund
Getting some status info atleast once every 5 mins while transferring, 3 ismukund
Exit Bvckup2 Via Command Line 2 Homer712
Create backup from One Drive 1 TeaPi
Delete filtered source 2 ralph
How to change the thread count and block size? 9 dro
Does Continuous backup mode shorten drive life? 1 theMezz
Notifications 2 Homer712
Errors: $DigestSymlink() failed with 12347 1 Zunzster
System drive backup solution 11 genl
Automate update how does it work? 5 ng4ever
Dropbox backup freeze on placeholder.aep 6 bvckupguy
Encryption 2 crescentd
How to not delete any of the files already in the destination? 1 ng4ever
High Density Display 2 lagunacreek
Can't switch Bvckup from Desktop Mode to Service Mode 1 dro
An attempt to switch the engine to the service mode has failed. 2 Emeni
Timestamps Updating on seeded robocopy copy 3 mischa69
Don't see some Network Drives in Bvckup 2 2 agf1956
Stuck on the pre-release channel and using 81.99.3 - expires in 24 hrs 2 Dino
Compressed backups 15 Alex Pankratov
Locked File 4 Rivett
Backup job states 1 Alex Pankratov
Better cognition of backup list 5 nukeation
Dynamically adjusting the backup path 6 Alex Pankratov
Override settings 2 emgreene
Scanning whole destination on each change in source.. 4 Johnop
Backing up from iCloud Photos 3 jonathanwood
Wake up 4 Matthewlawson3
Controlled Folder Access 6 jatg
Stored Backup Files 1 kslerner
New user - Email sending error 5 coppiman
Job will copy some file even if not changed 1 Cleve
Media and device ejection 10 Alex Pankratov
Running backup when a drive is plugged in 5 Alex Pankratov
Error 433 when backing up 1 Matthewlawson3
Windows 10 issue with showing new network drive-mapping - refresh. 1 MrZebulon
Starting and Waiting for jobs to finish with script - Scheduled Task 2 Cleve

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