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Moving a license 0 Alex Pankratov
99% Error rate while backing up to AWS SGW SMB share 3 michaelhobbs
Upcoming licensing changes 26 Alex Pankratov
Looking for some advice on VM or Database backup. 2 MadOp
Help to resolve: WriteFileAsync() failed with 121 3 theresita
Configure a Given Backup to be "Interruptable" by Others Backups In the Same Group 5 justbackmeup
Multiple folder selection for source 10 TexasTech
Constant rescan of unchanged files 1 fbueller
Creating folder.... = too many Steps? 1 banned1s
Replaced drives with larger drive same letter but error source device not found 2 Cyberdave
OneDrive - Error: source location access denied 7 Ixolite
Drag and Drop folders to "Backup to" & "Backup from" textboxes 3 sguergachi
Deltas folder is growing massive in size 14 soylent
Migrate backup jobs to new machine 5 primate
Bvckup2 folder is not saved when ProgramData is backup source 2 yuriy.marushchenko
Ignore folders instead of exclude (and delete!) 5 zefal
How to Exclude LibreOffice Temp Files (when open) 3 Homer712
Dynamically adjusting path of the backup folder 3 Alex Pankratov
ProcessReparsePoint() failed with 80000018 7 paulw
Steps to Deactivate Bvckup2 licence on Server and use same on another 1 ramkumar
Backup to target outside of LAN 1 Marc
ProcessReparsePoint() errors 6 Arjailer
Copying open files 13 Alex Pankratov
Including/excluding files and folders 12 Alex Pankratov
Clear Log File (How?) 2 Homer712
conf.filters.dst.as_source not being honored 2 mrlenxa
Fingerprint ID changes at startup 3 Andreas
FindFirstFileEx() failed with 87 1 harmonjeff
Exclude/include pattern specification 16 Hooch
Delta copy not working 19 eggshen
How to add share access rights to ".\Bvckup 2 Service" user? 4 rfgamaral
Backup a subdirectory of an existing backup directory 1 DocRoot
Consolidated Window to Monitor BVCKUP2 running on Multiple server 2 ramkumar
Different Hard Drive size after backup 4 Yobobvckup
Twitter discount not working? 2 rfgamaral
Copying Video Recordings (including some that are In-Progress) 4 justbackmeup
Windows Insider: Cache manager BSOD 40 AndyMidd
CreateFile() Failed with 395 1 bazward
FTP Destinations 12 Lurch
ProcessReparsePoint() errors on node_modules directory 4 tylerisrandom
Release 79 discussion 8 Alex Pankratov
Error talking to the mail server 6 justbackmeup
Activation code exhausted 2 bunsenbunner
Few questions about service mode 5 cremor
EncFSMP 5 ddnational
Manually downloading release 79 (upxless version) 2 paulw
Synology USB Drive 1 guybor
ProcessReparsePoint() failed with 8000001b 3 Kallizm
OneDrive folder not backing up? 17 112233
Force one-time integrity check? 23 gmagana

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