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Upcoming licensing changes 13 Alex Pankratov
Suppressing file updates when a backup copy is newer than the source 0 Alex Pankratov
Easiest way to re-scan source/destination 6 ScottD-KMHA
Updates are a problem under 'Standard User' 1 Arbie
Does the latest release of Bvckup 2 support Windows XP? 1 classic
v78.12 update causing continuous scanning of sources 16 BD
I can't get Post-backup command to work 8 XeidiDent
Blog v2 3 Alex Pankratov
Global Exclusion 4 jondw1970
CreateDirectory() failed with 267 10 andreahm
Several failures 4 wlie
Cannot get exclude folders to work 7 Brendan
Holly-molly, a unicorn sighting 18 barrymundi
During backup icon 1 andreahm
Bvckup trial 3 loades
Program notifications 6 Swift-R
Change detected for Continuous backup but no files are changed 2 paulw
Backup Jobs automatically disabled after run 5 Andreas
Clarification regarding difference between Personal/Professional License 2 mtaki14
Including/excluding files and folders 9 Alex Pankratov
How to NOT auto-rename "$Archive (Bvckup 2)" sub-files/folders? 8 ScottD-KMHA
Backup continually scanning destination 3 Cam
Permanently remove files 5 Huub
Option to only see errors in log window 2 bvautier
Excluding Mac Specific Files 3 maximumblast
One Drive File: .849C9593-D756-4E56-8D6E-42412F2A707B 5 tekguru
v78.14 update causing continuous scanning of sources like v78.12 did 5 BD
Running backup when a drive is plugged in 0 Alex Pankratov
Swap file failure on job with 3.077.383 files 12 Michael
Unselecting/exclude sub-folders included when starting with empty list 30 ScottD-KMHA
Files from destination disappeared 5 dzieciou
License issue 2 Imprezadude
DigestSymlink failed with 10012 3 cliveb
Scanning source progress.. 6 Imprezadude
Access Denied function:getnamedsecurityinfo 1 sumesh
How delta copying works 18 Alex Pankratov
v78.10 Error: Backup needs to run, but source device is not present 4 cvo
Looping 14 Goastler4
USB device fingerprint recognition requires extra remove/insert?!? 2 InsertRealName
Compressed backups 10 Alex Pankratov
Application Error 0xc0000005 (Access Violation) on startup 4 paulw
Bvckup2 logs filling C Drive 1 Monica
Username/password for network shares 20 Alex Pankratov
How to avoid scanning/backing up/deleting more than selected? 44 ScottD-KMHA
Archive of Deleted Items 13 PaulK
Quiet times 6 Alex Pankratov
Log, Updating ..... 5 MWorthington
OneDrive folder not backing up? 16 112233
2017.08.03 06:43:38.646 (UTC+1) 0 3 Timeout waiting for the command to complete 8 SEKCobra

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