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Starting and Waiting for jobs to finish with script - Scheduled Task 2 Cleve
Error scanning destination 2 Bernhard
Start queue via command line? 12 highend
Just what I was looking for - (almost) 3 jondavis
using Webdav? 1 ETSoft
Accessing a drive when no drive letter attached 14 MWorthington
Retaining ownership 1 jon_sco
Copy only a particular file type 11 MWorthington
Clarification of "Destination As Source" & "Destination Scan Filter" 2 MWorthington
CreateFile() failed with 123 1 kbftech
Opening of FileExplorer 9 pcrab1
Comparison of Bvckup 2 and Cloud Drive Syncs 2 mack
Do not copy file if destination is newer 2 zekkus
Weird Issue (Destination Present, Changes Made to Source, but no recognition from Bvckup 2) 3 Matthewlawson3
How NOT to delete excluded files? 2 badbob001
Archive of Deleted Items 16 PaulK
Why would simulate move files to archive 4 bobbyz
Folders to classify jobs 8 Eric
Device tracking apply button greyed out 2 thusband
CreateFile() Failed with 395 5 bazward
Sub-Second time stamps 1 biship
Aging and discarding delta copying state 6 Alex Pankratov
Email alerts and notifications 57 Alex Pankratov
Speed/Read/Write limiter 12 simenson4
Back up one file 2 james.mccann
Don't run during use 2 Matthewlawson3
Backup grouping -- coming up in R75 34 Alex Pankratov
Using Rules to Copy Newest Image to External Drive 2 Matthewlawson3
Failed to create snapshot 18 russmd
Unexpected values in env vars BVCKUP_TIME_STARTED and BVCKUP_TIME_ATTEMPTED 2 dbarnes
Copy Newest File or Two to External Drive 4 Matthewlawson3
Bvckup not launching 3 Kilograms
GUI multi-user capability or notification 2 mpreishu
Running Backup then Shutdown 6 Matthewlawson3
Archive backup copies location? 20 balderdash
Not deleting existing files 1 Matthewlawson3
Trying to Understand the Archive Feature 5 capair45
Multiple Source Folders in One Backup 2 Matthewlawson3
Network Access 5 Townie
WNetAddConnection2() failed with 1312 9 Obi-Wan-YJ
Quick copy of one file 2 RobLatour
NAS + New computer 2 hashnse
Exclude/include pattern specification 33 Hooch
ReadFile() failed with 381 - as source, not sink 1 pmcjones
"What to backup" window is super laggy/choppy 1 Mawthra
Filtered folder copy 2 awebber
Bvckup crash - Not responding 2 AndyMidd
Working with "live" files 0 Alex Pankratov
SetEndOfFile() failed with 665 1 thomas.muellerchen
Ethernet upload/download speed 1 ahogue

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