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Beta Release 28

Alex Pankratov :

Aug 14, 2013

Several functional changes

1. Added an option for treating wake-up events as reboots. This is in the context of "No backups for 10 minutes after the reboot"

By default wake-ups are NOT treated as reboots except for W8 machines that have both hibernation and "fast startup" enabled. See this topic for background and details -

2. When the app is restarted for whatever reason, it now remembers which jobs were running and gives them a scheduling priority after a relaunch.

3. "Start at logon" option now uses a scheduled task to start the app, but only on Vista or newer, with UAC enabled and when running as full admin. Otherwise it uses conventional Startup folder shortcut to launch itself.

Next up is a bit of UI polish - context help for backup config window and other nonsense :)

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