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Updates are a problem under 'Standard User'

Arbie :

Jan 21, 2018

Windows 10 Pro x64.  My personal PC so I have the Admin creds, but I run as Standard User for better security.  [Doesn't eveyone? :-)].

Bvckup2 installation and updates are strange in this configuration.  The two locations involved are:

1)  C:\Program Files\Bvckup 2
2)  C:\Users\MYUSERNAME\Program Files\Bvckup 2

If in (1) the program often won't start with Windows.  If in (2) it runs fine  BUT updates won't find it there.  They appear to look in (1) and either create a new version there or simply do nothing (but report that they updated).  I'm talking about manual updates, where I download the main package and run it.  I gave up on autoupdates long ago.

I'm using it in (2) because of the many starting problems with (1).  Had to move it a few times before I began to figure any of this out.

Where should it be running from?  Location (2) is very strange but would be OK except for the update issue.  I'd really like to get back to autoupdates!


Alex Pankratov :

Jan 22, 2018

When the installer is run it will check if there exists


registry key. If it does, then it will execute an update of bvckup2.exe in the folder specified by InstallLocation reg. entry.

Otherwise it will repeat the check with the HKLM version of the key:


If this key does NOT exist, then it will fall back to the new installation mode.


If you want to be able to update your installation from under regular user account, you will need to have it installed in that user's profile (the second path on your list). Also, if you have it installed in both places, make sure you are launching correct .exe.


The simplest thing to do would probably be to uninstall the program, first as regular user and second as the admin, selecting to keep the config data in both cases. Then, install it back, but just under the regular user.


Finally, if you want to troubleshoot this without reinstalling - toggle CapsLock on and start the update while holding Ctrl button down. This will open a console window with diagnostic log, which may give you some clues as to what's going on.

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