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Suppressing file updates when a backup copy is newer than the source

Jan 24, 2018


When backup and source copies of a file do not match, the program will unconditionally give a priority to the source and it will always update the backup copy to match the latter.

In some cases however it may be required to preserve backup copies IF they are newer than the source.


Starting with R78.19 it is now possible to make a backup job to suppress file updates based on the comparison of source/backup timetstamps.

In particular, the program may suppress an update if the "last-modified" time and/or "created" time on a backup copy is newer than that of the source. All four permutations are supported and controlled by the following settings.ini entry:

    conf.preserve_newer_files   ...

The default value is <blank>, which stands for "off". The other four options are:

    conf.preserve_newer_files   ctime
    conf.preserve_newer_files   mtime
    conf.preserve_newer_files   ctime or mtime
    conf.preserve_newer_files   ctime and mtime

and they mean what they say. That is, for example, "ctime and mtime" will suppress a file update if both ctime and mtime on a backup copy are newer than on source.


This setting can be adjusted by adding a respective override as described here -

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