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guybor :

May 16, 2018

I know this is a synology question, but I'm using bvckup2 and I'm thinking I'll get a better response here.

What I want to do is have bvckup2 copy files to a connected usb/esata drive enclosure.  This enclosure can take raw drives and mount them.  Therefore, I have multiple drives that I will rotate so there are multiple copies both on site and off site.

Now the problem....everytime I put a new drive in, the usb share on the synology is different. (it actually remembers the drive and will use the same name for each drive).  So if drive 1 is put in, the share is \\servername\usbshare1-1, drive 2 may be \\servername\usbshare1-4, etc.  But my backup in bvckup2 is set to a static \\servername\usbshare.  If I set it to the 1-1, the backup works until I change drives.  I would then need to update the backup settings to match the new synology share name.

Is there a way so that the synology will mount the share the same with every drive when inserted?  Or is there a way to have a generic pointer in bvckup2?

Thank you in advance.

Alex Pankratov :

May 16, 2018

Or is there a way to have a generic pointer in bvckup2?

No, there isn't.

I'd guess this might be solvable by getting into Synology's shell and looking around in its /etc/ directory for USB settings. Something like post-arrival scripts for a new usb drive - if these supported, then you can make one to symlink new drive to a fixed location and then share the latter out.

Another good place to ask is

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