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Moving a license

Aug 31, 2018


You can move an existing Bvckup 2 license from one machine to another.

This option is meant for an occasional migration, when upgrading to a new computer, moving to a different server, etc.

It is NOT suitable for converting a Bvckup 2 installation into a portable one, whereby it is routinely moved around several machines. We currently offer no support for this usage scenario.

How To

If your existing license is over several weeks old, you can simply uninstall the program from the original computer and use your existing code to request a license for the new installation. The program will ask if you'd like to issue a replacement license - say Yes to that and that's it.

Newer licenses can also be moved, but the process is a bit more involved as this requires a manual code reset on our end. Please drop an email at and we'll have it sorted out.

Multiple activation codes

If you have two or more activation codes and don't remember which code was used for which computer, you can use existing license ID in place of an activation code.

This ID can be seen in Menu > Help > About window by clicking on the type of license.

Alternatively, you can check which code was used for which machine on dashboard

Deactivating via web dashboard

Holders of a professional *site* license can deactivate existing licenses through the web dashboard -

If you hold a large number of Pro licenses, you can request this option for your dashboard account. Please get in touch to arrange for this.
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