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Suppressing folder timestamp updates

Sep 05, 2018


Every backup run comprises three phases - Preparation, Processing and Post-processing, or "Post" for short.

Preparation covers device checks, scanning of the source/backup directories, compilation of the backup plan and few other things.

Processing is when the backup plan is executed - directories are created, deleted and renamed; files are copied, updated, deleted, archived or moved, etc.

Post phase

While the plan is being executed, the program keeps track which backup folders are being "touched". That is, which folders have files added or removed from them.

When this happens, it changes folder timestamps, so Bvckup 2 will then need to go and re-sync timestamps on these folders.

This is the Post phase.

This phase is all about updating folder meta data - timestamps, attributes, security information, etc. However, in the vast majority of backup runs it will be just the timestamp updates.

Speeding up backups

As of release 79.9 it's possible to suppress copying of folder timestamps and thus lightening the Post phase significantly.

This is done by adding the following override to the backup settings:

        conf.update_folder_times    0

See for details.

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