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Delete Archived Changed/Deleted Items Based On Number Not Time

Homer712 :

Oct 15, 2018

Have done a lot of reading here on the whole archive settings issue, and have run into a "disk close to full" problem with my archives set to be deleted after 30 days. Wondering if there's any chance this action can be changed.

For example. I am backing up my Documents folder, a file is modified, the original file is archived, and 30 days later, the original file (now archived) is deleted. In many cases, this is not a wanted behavior.

What would alleviate this issue would be if there was a setting in the Deleting - Archive Backup Copies - Edit section that allowed for "number of archives to keep" rather than the "number of days to keep" option.

Again, example. Same Documents folder backup, file is modified, original is archived, I'd like to keep at least three copies of the modified file . . . forever, not deleted after a set number of days.


Alex Pankratov :

Oct 19, 2018

It is certainly possible, but I'll need to prioritize and work this into the dev schedule. Probably won't be done for a while, because it has a large-ish impact on the code, and it's a niche feature.

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