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USB drive access enable/disable

PetieG :

Oct 25, 2018

Ever put any thought into enabling a USB device for backups, and then disable access to it post-bvckup2 job run ?  In these days of crypto viruses/malware it would be great to offer something like this in the event that an 'always on' USB drive is just waiting for encryption!  I support my clients remotely and would love some feature such as this...

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 26, 2018

You can disable USB drive pretty easily already by enabling device ejection at the end of a backup -

It is also possible to "un-eject" a drive that is still connected, though it gets hairy because it requires disabling and then re-enabling underlying mass storage device, which may lead to some nasty side-effects.

Another option is to switch bvckup2 into service mode and lock down the write access to your USB device to service's user account only. Though it's possible that a cryptoware can remove restrictive access permissions from the file system objects, at least in theory.

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