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Source Scan slams server

geoffjukes :

Nov 08, 2018


Is there any way to run Bvckup2 every hour but avoid the source rescan i.e. by relying on the detected changes?

I'd be happy to do a full rescan out of hours, but what we have found, is that setting either Hourly OR Continuous, always triggers a source scan, which slams the server and affects the performance for users.

We have set "Run on a lower System and Disk priority" which helped, but not much.

Many thanks,


Alex Pankratov :

Nov 09, 2018

You can't avoid the *source* rescan, not at the moment, but you can throttle the scan down as follows:

1.  Right-click on the job, select Open Folder > Configuration and Logging

2.  Create there a text file called override.ini and put the following in it:

           conf.scan_threads.local    1

     if your source is a local disk, or

           conf.scan_threads.remote   1

     if your source is over the network

3.  Save the INI, restart the program. If it's running in service mode, then restart the "bvckup2" service instead.

You can uncheck "Run on a lower System and Disk priority" after that.

See if this improves the situation (it should).

geoffjukes :

Nov 09, 2018

Thanks Alex, I will give this a try today.

Another option I though of yesterday (after posting) would be to create separate jobs for the high-traffic areas, and have them on a different schedule.

As it happens, our storage is divided in a way that means large portions of the tree do not change very often at all. So if I exclude those from the realtime backups, and have them on a separate schedule, it will alleviate the load.

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