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Beta Release 33

Alex Pankratov :

Sep 13, 2013


Added quick error navigation to the log panel

Like so -

And to get to the first error of the last backup run just click on the "Xxx errors" in backup's entry on the main list. It will even open a Log panel for you if it's closed.

Added configuration of the post-backup pause

It's now possible to set a post-backup delay for real-time backup. The option is conveniently accessible from where you'd expect it to be conveniently accessible -

Added code to automatically revive network drives when starting as Administrator

So you have a network location mapped as a drive and then on the spur of the moment you decide to restart as Administrator. Hocus-pocus -- the drive is gone.

Apparently this is by design and the work around is to issue "net use" command from the full-admin console - Sounds like a no-brainer to automate, but - Noooooooo. This. Is. Windows! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, because in a good half of cases it returns invalid username that was used to map the drive initially. Imagine that. And sometimes it would just say "plonk, it just didn't work".

In any case, what bvckup does as of this version is as follows. When it starts with full admin credentials and with UAC on, it will spawn a stripped-down version of itself and make it enumerate available mapped drives - the letter, the network path and the remote username. Then the primary process will go through this list and will try and apply KB937624 fix. In a majority of cases it will work.

In cases when it doesn't, it would typically be because the remote username was incorrect. The workaround for this is to tick "Use different credentials" checkbox when mapping the drive. This will make sure that specified username is written out into the registry and survives the re-logon or reboot.

Like so -

Tucked "Switch mode" away

The application mode switch option is now hidden from the menu by default. Having lived with it for past couple of months I am now convinced this is truly an advanced option that shouldn't be used lightly.

To bring it back on tick respective checkbox in the Preferences.

Issues resolved

1. Fixed an issue with default device tracking not being initialized correctly when location is selected via the Browse dialog

2. Fixed a couple of issues with folder timestamping, hopefully that's it and it will now work as expected.

3. Put tentative fix for bogus "message is pending" systray notifications. I can't reliably reproduce this, but I did find a place in the code that could be causing it -> *tentative* fix.

Other changes

1. Changed updates to be downloaded into the app's config folder instead of a temporary location as specified by Windows. This should help deal with over-zealous antiviruses, to a degree.

2. Updated company name in the EULA and in the .exe files.

jrothlis :

Sep 13, 2013

Wow, lot's of fixes! The main ones I'm interested in are the network drive mapping, and the real-time backup delay. Will feed back once I've been able to test.

jrothlis :

Sep 13, 2013

And by lot's, I mean lots.

jaggudada :

Sep 13, 2013


Solid update. But found some bugs with post-backup pause.

1) I changed the value of "Minimum interval between backups" to 3 minutes. When I ran it first time, the backup ran after 3 minutes. Next time backup run after 2 minutes, next time backup ran after 1 minute, next time it ran real-time and then again it started doing backups after 1 minute, 2minutes, 3 minutes.

Looks like some kind of counter bug.

2) Even though I had the value of 3 minutes for "Minimum interval between backups", it showed "Changes detected, will run in 2 minutes" . It then waited 60 seconds and then the counter on 2 minutes changed to 120 sec, 119 sec and so on.

Alex Pankratov :

Sep 14, 2013

Re #2 - it's 2 minutes because it rounds down 2:59 and it yields 2 min. I guess I can add seconds if the interval is in the minutes range.

Re #1 - I tested that and it worked as expected :-/ Let me double-check.

Deipotent :

Sep 15, 2013

After switching PC on today the Bvckup tray icon is flashing a white exclamation mark. When I click on it the Bvckup window opens, but no alert is displayed.

Closing and re-opening the Bvckup window solved the issue.

NOTE: Running as a service.

Deipotent :

Sep 15, 2013

To clarify - there were two issues...
1. No alert was displayed after clicking on flashing tray icon.
2. The tray icon wouldn't stop flashing until I exited and restarted the GUI.

Deipotent :

Sep 15, 2013

When the log pane is visible, it seems a bit of a waste to have it empty when no job is selected. How about showing the app log when no job is selected ?

When running as a service, you could show either the service log or UI log (whichever would be more useful) ?

Alex Pankratov :

Sep 16, 2013

Aye, thanks. Got another report of the systray issue and I'm looking at it right now.

Regarding the log pane - that's a good idea but I'd rather not do that, at least not by default. For every person who'll get it, there'll be two who will get confused or who will not notice that no backup is selected and then proceed to wonder why the hell backup's log looks so strange.

I made a note, I'll add this, but after the release.

When running as a service, you could show either the service log or UI log (whichever would be more useful) ?

Or both, but just marked up differently? Each entry is timestamps, so they are easy to merge.

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