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How to put a setting override in place

Nov 29, 2018


You are probably reading this because you followed a link in another topic that called for adding a manual override for a backup job.

Adding an override

⦁    Right-click on the backup entry in program's main window,
      select "Open Folder" > "Configuration and Logging"

⦁    Exit the program via Menu > File > Exit, if you are running in
      service mode, stop the bvckup2 service

⦁    Use Notepad or any other text editor to create a plain text file
      called override.ini in the folder that you opened previously and
      place the override there, e.g.

            conf.src_eject_device   1

⦁    Save the ini, exit Notepad, start the program

At this point you can delete override.ini if you'd like, but that's optional. Just keep in mind that overrides will be applied on every launch *and* that their effects will be saved in the backup's configuration. Meaning that if you are to delete override.ini, its effect will persist.

Removing an override

To undo the effect you will need to either put an inverse override or to manually edit relevant entry in job's configuration file. See this topic for details -
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