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Missing Little Red Cross

MWorthington :

Mar 12, 2019

Hi Alex,

I have a job that uses the "Destination As Source" method, with Selected Folders. When I click "What to backup", the selected folders all have black ticks. OK.

When I dig down to a sub-folder that I've excluded, the moment that I click the sub-folders grandparent (ie 2 levels up), the little red x appears. To be precise, the parent and grandparent folder icons show the x in the bottom right corner, while the actual excluded sub-folder has a big red x, as expected.

Indeed, the little red x appears on all the folders, now, all the way up. This is what I would have expected to see the moment I clicked "What to backup"; the tree should show me this without having to dig down.

Am I missing an intent, is it "by design"?



Alex Pankratov :

Mar 19, 2019


The file viewer adjusts its view based on what it read from the disk so far. That is, it scans the folder tree and updates the view based on what it has.

So if you have a well-populated tree then in the first few moments looking at it, the file viewer doesn't have any info on sub/subfolders, so it doesn't know that there are some items that are excluded => the red x is not shown.

Then, when you start drilling down (towards the folder you excluded), this re-arranges the scanning priority and the viewer will try and scan these folders asap. This will make it discover the excluded folder and then mark up all its parent folders with a small x.

Does this apply to your case? An easy way to confirm is to just let the viewer sit there for a bit and complete its scanning. See if you get the red x's where they should be.

MWorthington :

Mar 21, 2019

Hi Alex,

Confirmed, it's working as you say. Takes about 5 seconds for the red x to appear at the top level.

Thanks for your explanation!


Alex Pankratov :

Mar 22, 2019

OK. Thanks for the follow-up, Mark.

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