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Security Scan Required

BvcDer :

Apr 08, 2019

Just recently when running a Bvckup job, I get the Windows notification, "Security Scan Required", and it suggests that a specific item needs to be checked, but it doesn't say which item.  Is there any way to determine the item (perhaps from the logs?)

Alex Pankratov :

Apr 09, 2019

How is this related to Bvckup 2 except for being triggered by it? If the alert came from Windows, you'd probably want to look in Windows Event Log. Anything of relevance should be logged there.

BvcDer :

Apr 09, 2019

It's not related to Bvckup at all, it just that it occurs during a backup job, but Windows being Windows is not very helpful.  I thought that if the file was locked by Windows and therefore skipped by Bvckup, it might show in the logs.  I'll have a look a the Windows Event Log.  Thank you.

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