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Slow transfers, 10 seconds per file exactly

Salty_Wagyu :

Apr 11, 2019


I've just built a new PC with Windows 10 and imported my bvckup2 settings  from my previous system with Windows 7, and I'm trying to run my backups to ensure they're working correctly. However, it is taking exactly 10 seconds per file, no matter how small they are. Have I done something wrong?

Salty_Wagyu :

Apr 11, 2019

Just want to add that "copying files" is transferred very fast and maxes out my gigabit link, but "updating files" stalls every 10 seconds.

Alex Pankratov :

Apr 11, 2019

This is weird, but the cause is external to bvckup2.

That is, something on your machine (or the remote end if it's an over-the-network backup) is slowing down program's disk access when files are being updated. Any sort of "malware scan" or "antivirus" will likely to be the cause.

There are two relevant differences between creating and updating:

1.  The program opens an _existing_ file (obviously)
2.  The program actively modifies per-file delta state that stores block
     hashes for files copied with delta copying.

The latter can potentially trigger some false positives in "ransomware monitors", because block hashes are ultimately random data that looks exactly like something encrypted. But there were no cases of this sort before *and* it doesn't apply to your case, because smaller files are always copied in full, bypassing the delta copying.

This leaves #1. Something somewhere along the pipeline is throttling down disk access on the backup side. The fact that it's persistently 10 seconds is a red flag. It _is_ some sort of explicit throttling.

Salty_Wagyu :

Apr 11, 2019

Thanks, it was indeed the malware scanner on the remote machine. Malwarebytes decided to activate a premium trial quite recently so it started running in the background. Switched that off and it's all good now!

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