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bvbackup 2 installation on fresh installed windows.

Markiw :

Apr 15, 2019


what files should I keep from old installation, where are my current settings stored?

I just want to keep my backup settings, and copy these settings to new installed bvbackup.

Thank you

Markiw :

Apr 15, 2019

I found it :)
It's working!
Thank you!

Alex Pankratov : Oct 15, 2013


Added basic support for app's configuration self-backup.

This is requires one-time manual configuration to set the backup directory and then the app will automatically maintain a copy of all configuration files there.

Enabling this feature requires a manual .ini edit at the moment, but it's very simple.
a) Shutdown Bvckup
b) Open %LocalAppData%\Bvckup2\bvckup2.ini in Notepad
c) Add line "self_backup <the-config-backup-directory>" without quotes, e.g.

self_backup  C:\Temp\BvckupConfigBackup

d) Save the .ini, exit Notepad, start Bvckup

Alex Pankratov :

Apr 15, 2019

This will work, but it's a bit backwards. There's a simpler way -

Markiw :

Apr 16, 2019

Thank you so much Alex!
btw I'ts nearly 3 years with your software, I use it everyday, I love it! :)

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