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Missed backup and log window

albspe :

May 04, 2019

I saw a few comments and responses regarding the "exclamation mark" for the missed backup.

Could I suggest the following:

(1) eliminate the blinking, it is OK the yellow exclamation mark but the blinking is bit annoying. I backup on a network drive that is not always available and thus there are long period of times when I need to see the blinking.

(2) I would remove the exclamation mark and instead have the color of the icon change: white (all good), red (error), orange (missed a backup time, but will do next)  or something like that

(3) Would it be possible to have the log showing in descending (with respect to time) order?

Thx for the great SW. Clearly these are possible (minor) improvements and I am sure there are 100s of different minor requests :-)

Alex Pankratov :

May 04, 2019

Thanks for the suggestions, glad you like the program.

1) Menu > Options > Preferences > Suppress tray alerts for "missed backups"

2) Blinking is noticeable (and annoying), which is the whole point of it :)

3) No, this won't work well for hierarchical logs. It will make things just altogether cumbersome and confusing.

albspe :

May 05, 2019

Thanks for the response: yes, I do agree on the "annoyance" part :-), but while i do like the reminder, I am sometime forced to see the blinking icon for hours as I cannot connect to the network and start the backup. I did 1) but then no message appears. Something in between the blinking and nothing would be the non-blinking exclamation mark ... that would be awesome.


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