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Release 80

Jun 17, 2019

Executive summary

This release implements a licensing model change. In a gist, we are switching from the use-based licensing to the feature-based model.

*  This change has been in works for a very long time, being first
    announced almost 3 years ago in August 2016. I genuinely hope
    it doesn't come as a surprise to anyone's who's been following
    bvckup2 development and updates.

New license types

Previously, the type of required license was determined by whether the software was to be used on one's home computer for processing personal data or in any other setup.

With this release, the license determines the feature set the program:

⦁    Pro licenses are all inclusive and cover all features, both present
      and planned.

⦁    Basic licenses are meant for a simpler use and include a subset
      of Pro features. It is now considered complete and it will not be
      expanded further.

Additionally, the Server edition of a Pro license is now be required for Windows Server installations.

For complete details see this page -

Support and upgrade access

Another change is with the tech support and software upgrades.

Basic licenses will be limited to forum-based support and minor updates (patch releases) only. Pro licenses will come with a year of Pro support that includes email-based support and access to major updates (upgrades).

After a year, it'll be possible to extend Pro support for another year for a fee of 20% of the original license cost. This is optional. Should it be not extended, the installation will no longer be eligible for _upgrading_ and its tech support will downgrade to the public forum option.

This is essentially a "rolling" form of a conventional upgrade model when a new major version is released every year and existing users have a choice of either staying with the last year release or upgrading at a substantial discount.

This post has a bit more details -

Status of existing licensess

All existing licenses and activation codes remain valid and they will continue to function exactly as they did before.

Personal and Professional licenses will be treated by new program versions as if they were Pro licenses, of Workstation and Server kinds respectively.

They will also have non-expiring Pro support coverage, meaning that they will receive all patches and upgrades on us, forever.

In other words, the program now supports 4 licenses types - Personal, Professional, Basic and Pro - but only the new ones are available for purchase.

Any questions

For any questions please get in touch via
or post them here -

Jun 17, 2019

Additional changes in this release

⦁    Reworked how verbose file and folder exclusions work

      Starting with R80 explicitly excluding a folder in Backup What window
      of backup settings now unconditionally takes all folder contents out of
      backup, with no other "include" rules being applied to it.

      See this post for details -

⦁    Updated the logo

      See this post for details -

⦁    Reworked check-for-updates mechanism for better clarity

      See this post for details -

Jun 24, 2019

Release 80.1.x

⦁    Resolved an issue with expanding More Option section
⦁    Resolved an issue with showing bogus "missed a run" warning when
      upgrading from pre-80 releases. See this post for details -
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