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Re: R80.3

Froggie :

Aug 23, 2019

Following the update, all jobs were disabled.  When I enabled them,  all jobs went into a state that messaged the following...

"The backup will run in a moment... "

They never ran again no matter how many time I disabled & re-enabled them.  I then exited the app and restarted it and so far it's been fine (6-hours).

Thought it was just me but another Wilders Forum user had exactly the same t hing happen... FYI!

Alex Pankratov :

Aug 23, 2019

I can confirm the issue. Thank you for the heads-up.

This is related to the change of the code signing certificate - one of the self-consistency checks in the engine started misfiring, leading to the jobs being put on hold. A patch is on its way, already in testing.

At the moment, the best workaround is to downgrade back to 80.2 -

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