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Everything Program from VoidTools?

Charlie54 :

Sep 08, 2019


I always wondered if a program like eveyrthing would be useful to speed up the way your program made a snapshot.

Everything from voidtools always seemed to make an instant shot of all the files on my PC, instantly.

I wondered what would happen if you integrate his technology into your program and if it is doable.

Best !

Froggie :

Sep 09, 2019

Importing the $MFT MetaFile (FileSystem) and displaying simple file entries is a  lot different that examining SOURCE and DESTINATION snapshots and comparing a triplet for each file against each other (in the case of using a destination snapshot) is significant.  If you're re-examining your TARGET storage each time (which a lot of users do) is even more taxing.

I think you're actually comparing apples and oranges.

Alex Pankratov :

Sep 09, 2019

Not a bad idea. I already have journal-based change detection on the todo list, so parsing the $mft to build an index of local folders is closely related.

Froggie, the idea has a lot of merit. It won't be applicable in every case, but for backups involving a local volume it may be of some good use.

Charlie54 :

Sep 11, 2019


Glad to be of service

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