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Suppressing backup of offline files

Sep 24, 2019


When backing up files from the computer's OneDrive or Dropbox folder, it is possible to run into files that do not have their contents cached locally. Depending on the state of network connectivity and the state of such files, an attempt to read them may fail.

Starting with the release 80.5 it is possible to have files backed up only if they are locally present. For the files that are offline, respective backup steps will be disabled and not executed.

See for the background.

Enabling this option

The option is Off by default. Enabling it requires adding the following override to the backup's configuration -

        conf.skip_offline_files       1

See for how to do this.

What this option does

When enabled, the "skip_offline_files" option will cause file copying and updating steps in the backup plan to be disabled if respective source file has one of Recall-On-Open, Recall-On-Data-Access and Offline attributes set.

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