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Heavy Network Utilization

ramkumar :

Oct 10, 2019


We have created multiple Backup jobs in Bvckup . But, in same there are 3 jobs which are created newly when we run the same JOB the Network utilization is getting Highly utilized on server and getting drop on Network  

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 10, 2019

What is your question exactly, ramkumar?

ramkumar :

Oct 11, 2019

Hi Ales,

  We have BVCKUP2 installed on server in which multiples jobs are scheduled. Some jobs copy data to my Storage are working fine  . But, some jobs which are scheduled to replicated data to another server which is located at same location are giving issue. When the JOB is started the Network utilization on server where BVCKUP2 is installed goes HIGH to 100 MBPS and we face drop for server . Once , we stop the JOB the ping response of server is back to normal.
Both, the server are connected on 1GB Network port and BVCKUP2 version is 80.1.

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