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Differences not being seen?


Oct 15, 2019

I have an Exchange server at a remote site.  I used to back it up to the local site by running a backup job using shadow copy and delta copy run at the remote end over an outbound VPN to the local server.  I've had reliability issues with making the VPN connection from the remote end, so I made a couple of changes to the way the backup runs.  

I've changed the remote server to run the same backup job to a second server at the remote end instead over the local server, all works well, including the delta copy of the edb file from the shadow copy.  Later on I run a backup job from the local server to pickup up the files over VPN from the second remote server.

I can do it from this end now because the shadow copy isn't required on the second server, just the delta copy to only pick up changes.  However, it seems to miss the fact that the edb file contents have changed and fails to copy it.  I think this is due to the file size and timestamp staying the same, so I think it gets ignored.  Is there a way to force it to look at the contents and ignore the size and timestamp?

mastershakes :

Oct 15, 2019



Oct 15, 2019

Thanks, I'll give it a try with tonight's run.

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