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Backed up files missing

mastershakes :

Oct 23, 2019

I had a concerning backup today.   I made a backup with Bvckup where a whole folder showed as backed up (bvckup log w/no errors) but upon looking at the backup destination the folder was not there.

I have a lot of moving parts for this so I'm not sure what got tripped up.  I have an external 12TB hard drive connected via USB to SATA interface.  After that connects then I auto-mount a VeraCrypt drive on the 12TB drive that is the actual destination.

I had a bunch of other files/folders that were backed up fine.   To do some more testing I redid the backup (destination snapshot is being used)...bvckup did not backup the missing folder (as expected I guess).  I then did a maintenance backup and bvckup then copied the missing folder.  I did a check and indeed this time the folder was on the VeraCrypt drive.

Weird.  Any thoughts?

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 24, 2019

If you suspect that bvckup2 removed a file, you will have that explicitly recorded in the backup log. If it's not in the log, then whatever is missing was not removed by the program, but by some other entity.

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