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Destination file is in use and cannot be processed

Hugo :

Oct 30, 2019


I am trying to update a file over the network that is in use on the destination device.

Bvckup2 gives this error which is what I expected:

2019.10.30 09:53:42.959 (UTC+0) 0 3             Destination file is in use and cannot be processed

However, in Windows I can overwrite the file using UNC/SMB, or Robocopy, but I cannot delete the file, so now I'm not sure on my options here.

Is there any way I can have Bvckup2 still update this file?

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 30, 2019

You can try changing the "sharing mode" which bvckup2 uses to open destination files [1]. It defaults to just "read" sharing, but I think that setting it to "write" or "read/write" sharing will resolve the issue.

This is done by adding either

        conf.copying.general.dst_sharing    3

        conf.copying.general.dst_sharing    2

override to the job's config respectively.

See for how to do that and don't forget to reload the job afterwards.

[1], Ctrl-F for "An application also uses".

Hugo :

Oct 30, 2019

Thanks for your help Alex, that worked perfectly!

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