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Pre/Post Backup Commands with mount/dismount and Veracrypt

lagom :

Dec 17, 2019

I hope I can get some help with what I am trying to do here. I researched and read through different forum topics but I am not sure I found exactly what I am looking for. I am not a programmer so I am sorry if my n00bness comes through... :D Right now I'm running the latest paid pro license on my computer but currently I am not at home so using a trial version on another computer to try this and implement at home when I get back.

I am trying to set up a backup job for files of a sensitive nature stored on an encrypted cloud. The cloud server in question is through Tresorit and accessible on my local machine mounted as a virtual local drive (T) by the Tresorit app. In this way the files are browsable through the Windows Explorer UI instead of through the Tresorit app and as long as I am logged into this app I can open and edit them and it encrypts/decrypts on the fly (my understanding). So no issues with file handling and permissions with other apps as long as I am logged in. I think. Behaves just like a local directory, labelled T.

I would like to set up bvckup2 to run a continuous real-time backup job (or a scheduled one with frequent short intervals) of this virtual directory to a locally connected external drive. However, simply copying the files over leaves them in an unencrypted state, which is not acceptable. I formulated a plan, not sure how to implement it, so hope you can help. Open to other ideas, too.

How can I set up bvckup2 to run a the backup job on drive T that will do the following:
1. a change is detected on Drive T
2. bvckup runs a pre-backup command to mount a veracrypt container located on the external drive
3. veracrypt asks for manual password entry OR password is somehow stored already and is entered automatically
4. backup job is run
5. bvckp dismounts the veracrypt container

I am assuming that this can be done by having bvckup2 run a batch file but I am unsure how to execute that.

Alex Pankratov :

Dec 17, 2019

For the mounting/unmounting part you'd want to ask the Veracrypt devs. This may or may not be supported, but they are the ones who'll know for sure.

The bvckup2-specific bit here is that you will need to change the job to NOT wait for destination device. By default the program will not run backup until both source and destination devices are available. In your case you won't have a destination device only until pre-backup script runs, so you will need to switch off waiting for the dest device.

This is done by adding the following override to the job's settings:

        conf.wait_for_dst    0

See for how to do that.

lagom :

Dec 22, 2019

Ok, will do, thank you.
And what should I put in order to run a batch file?

Alex Pankratov :

Dec 27, 2019

Your first guess will be the right one.

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