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Error: network path not found - CreateFile() failed with 53

Psychicactus :

Mar 25, 2020

What does this error mean?
Also, do you have a place where all error codes and their meanings are explained?

Psychicactus :

Mar 25, 2020

Got a few hundred of those, though the files in question don't seem to have any problem. I can browse to and open them just fine (checked a few random files, not all of them).

And getting a few errors here… annoying… sorry to be a pain.

I had left the backup to work overnight. This is all just backing up folders from Tresorit drive. Came in the morning to see this error:

Backup aborted - network source disappeared.

But Tresorit was still connected and logged in as usual. Not sure why this happened? The computer is set to never sleep (by the way, if a job is running, will it stop a computer from sleeping until it finishes?)
From log:

2020.03.25 03:21:02.089 (UTC-8) 0 2         Backup aborted

(The log doesn't show the network source disappeared error for some reason. It was only shown under the job status in top part of window).

Running it again.

Getting again many errors:

network path not found with CreateFile() failed with 53

CreateFile() failed with 31

Error: file not found, CreateFile() failed with 2

All of these files are accessible and openable (some open a bit slow - this is all in the cloud - not sure if speed is a problem?)

Error: source file is in use, CreateFile() failed with 32

File was open during this job, but I had shadow copying turned to "use if needed".

This is all happening while the job says "Preparing the backup plan" and "Retrieving fle IDs". So far 290 errors, and it is only about a quarter of the way done.

Alex Pankratov :

Mar 26, 2020

What does this error mean?

It means what it says.

Also, do you have a place where all error codes and their meanings are explained?

There are literally thousands of different errors and all but a small handful come directly from the OS -

Not sure why this happened?

You will need to ask the developers of Tresorit about this.

Psychicactus :

Mar 26, 2020

Yes, I emailed them. Thanks.

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