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Job suddenly completes with 1000 errors and destination left empty. Please Help!

scooper :

Apr 17, 2020

Hi Alex,
So far the software has been working great! I love it.
However, I noticed today that the destination contains the entire folder structure but none of the actual files anywhere. All folders are empty. Upon further investigation, I saw that the error log now reports many various errors. I have no idea why or what happened. AFAIK nothing changed in the system or set-up. The back-up worked fine before. How can I fix it?

Here is a taste...

2020.04.17 13:46:13.750 (UTC-5) 0 3             Error: file not found
2020.04.17 13:46:13.750 (UTC-5) 3 4                 CreateFile() failed with 2
2020.04.17 13:46:13.750 (UTC-5) 3 5                     Context: \\?\E:\Backup\Finance\2020\Expenses\Invoices\2020 03 Bell.pdf 40000000 00000001 00000004 48000080

2020.04.17 13:46:13.753 (UTC-5) 0 2         Destination snapshot is out of sync
2020.04.17 13:46:13.753 (UTC-5) 3 3             Destination folder was modified between the backups by some other entity
2020.04.17 13:46:13.753 (UTC-5) 3 3             See "Detecting changes" section in this backup's settings for details
2020.04.17 13:46:13.754 (UTC-5) 2 2         Forcing destination re-scan and restarting the backup...
2020.04.17 13:46:13.786 (UTC-5) 2 1     Finishing up...
2020.04.17 13:46:13.786 (UTC-5) 2 2         Sending email alert...
2020.04.17 13:46:15.339 (UTC-5) 3 3             OK

2020.04.17 13:46:15.968 (UTC-5) 0 3             Directory cannot be created ("file not found"): [I have to erase the file name]
2020.04.17 13:46:15.968 (UTC-5) 2 4                 This is typically caused by the interference of an antivirus or a "system protection" software.

2020.04.17 13:46:15.971 (UTC-5) 0 3             Prerequisite step 15 wasn't completed. Skipped.

This goes on and on for hundreds of lines.

I did not notice this till now since it did not actually show up as a "fail." Could the notifications be changed somehow because I consider this to be most certainly a job fail?

Why did it erase all of the files in the folder architecture?

Please note that this comp is wind7 pro and has Norton antivirus, but that was never an issue with this or other backup job.

Please let me know how you think I can fix this.


Alex Pankratov :

Apr 18, 2020

Try and switch of your antivirus as completely as possible and re-run the backup.

Receiving "FILE not found" in response to a "Create DIRECTORY" request is a telltale sign of an antivirus interference, just like it says so in the log. This error doesn't come from Windows itself.

Ditto for "The system cannot find the file specified" (Error 2)  in response to a "Create file" request - this too doesn't come from Windows.

scooper :

Apr 22, 2020

Thank you for the prompt reply and help. turns out it was a much larger issue with the backup to location which I am working on. Thanks again!

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