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CreateFile()Failed with 82

Orlando :

Apr 26, 2020

Folder has 19,385 items to backup. Backup contains, 7601errors with the above error message. Source is accessible on the network. Can't find the error message in the FAQ or by searching the forum. How can I set the backup to perform without error message?

Alex Pankratov :

Apr 26, 2020

As per [1] error 82 stands for "The directory or file cannot be created."

I have never seen this error before. Windows normally uses more specific codes to indicate file/folder creation failures - access denied, duplicate name, etc., so I would guess that this error doesn't come from Windows itself. You will need to check logs on your remote device for clues.

You may also want to try and see if it's due to an interference of your antivirus software. It's a common mal/practice for this type of software to pluck some obscure error codes from Microsoft docs and use them to "adjust" normal Windows request flow.


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