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Alex Pankratov :

Oct 07, 2013

New -- No longer dependent on WMI

Removed dependecy on the WMI system serivce.

This dependency was introduced in B33 as a part of the licensing support. At that time I didn't know how else to fetch certain hardware information that goes into the pot when making an installation ID. The problem is that WMI service doesn't run always. It certainly doesn't run on boot, so bvckup running in a service mode had to be made dependent on WMI and that's just not cool.

Issues resolved

1. Fixed crash relating to device tracking settings -- there was an error in a self-consistency check (very ironic, I know) in the device tracking code. The net effect was an instant app abort if the destination tracking was off, but the source tracking was On.

2. Fixed an issue of extraneous updating of folder timestamps -- when comparing folder timestamps the code didn't take into account file system time granularity, so it ended up perpetually mis-detecting FAT copies of NTFS folders as needing restamping. That was a good one. Kudos to Deipotent.

3. Removed warning when using an empty drive for backup -- when selecting a root directory of an empty drive for destination, the app would complain that the location wasn't empty. It did in fact have $Recycle.bin and SystemVolumeInfo there, but these weren't excluded when deciding if to show a warning or not. A good one too, kudos to wlie.

4. Setup now reports the exact cause of self-validation errors -- this is a troubleshooting measure for one of the remaining puzzles. In some cases the validation of installation package integrity fails even though the package itself is intact. The validation merely checks that the digital signature on the file is correct and that is was created with Yaletown or Pipemetrics certificate. I really wonder where it might be failing ... :-|

bhench :

Oct 09, 2013

Alex,  I have been running since beta 27 and can say I haven't had any issues moving 1.8TB of mixed data to an attached NAS.  I have been quite because it just works, no issues, just hums along as a service keeping my 2TB drive backed up to my nas in real time.  WONDERFUL product.  Can't even notice any load on the system.

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 10, 2013

@bhench - Thanks! Can I quote you on that? :)

bhench :

Oct 11, 2013

You sure can.

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