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theMezz :

May 13, 2020

I have two computers on my desk. One is for doing work and other is nothing more than a headless Plex system for my home.

I have bvckup license for my work computer. Can I install bvckup on the Plex computer also with the same license number? Or must I network and map the drives and run the backup over the network?  

Thanks - appreciate bvckup!

Alex Pankratov :

May 13, 2020

Licensing is per-machine. You need a separate license for each installation, but you can indeed run backups on other machines via the network. Not the most efficient option, but it'll work.

Bamit :

May 13, 2020

theMezz, If it helps, I run an Emby server (very similar to Plex) on a Windows 10 machine that has no monitor or keyboard.

I run a daily backup on my normal desktop computer from that machine to a NAS using mapped network drives.  It is very efficient and to tell you the truth, it is just as fast for me now compared to when I use to run Bvckup 2 directly on the Emby server several months ago.

theMezz :

May 14, 2020

Thanks @bamit - I was hoping not to map the drives as ad added layer of protection against ransomware. But I will try that.

Thanks Alex for the reply. Appreciate the information.

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