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Beta Release 40

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 10, 2013

New feature(s)

Reworked handling of network drives in Admin mode - this is a big one.

If you use mapped drives and tried running the app as full Admin, then you have likely faced an issue with mapped drives either not being accessible or disappearing altogether. Believe it or not, this is by Microsoft's design. This was introduced in Vista together with the UAC. The details are here - and here -, but the short summary is that with UAC enabled Windows creates *two* sessions for each logged user, both sharing the same desktop. And each session session, ob-vi-ous-ly, gets its own list of mapped drives.

There are three workarounds.

1. Force Windows to keep these two lists in sync. This is achieved by applying a registry patch from the first link above. I'd say that this is the preferred way to do it, but since it's a system-wide change that it requires a reboot and that is not officially supported by Microsoft - because of all that I decided against putting it into Bvckup.

2. Re-map drives by hand or with a script from a console that runs as full admin. This works, but that's just a duct tape solution.

3. Don't use mapped drive letters, but rather use full network paths. Now this is something that I *can* do and so Bvckup now offers you to make this change for you when it's needed.

-- Easy-peasy, but wait. That's not all. --

There's a separate issue with Vista+ not automatically reconnecting network drives, so they don't even appear on the list of drives when an app requests the list. Bvckup now includes code that detects such drive and performs a CPR on them. It does this on launch and then it scans for such drives every minute and CPRs them if they are present. This is in particular relevant in post-boot scenarios, when reconnecting drives would otherwise require clicking on them in Windows Explorer.

Issues resolved

Fixed an odd "package corrupted" issue with the installer - this is as per - in certain cases the installer would fail to retrieve the digital signature from its own .exe file and it caused it to fail with "package is corrupted" message. Again, kudos to TigerRob for great deal of help with this.

Fixed an issue with licensing and custom config paths - specifying custom config path in the command line (with "-c <path>") had no effect on the location of the license file, so latter couldn't be read or written. This is for samabassador.

Fixed a crash when exiting with a message box present - when an app was displaying a message box *and* you'd Exit through systray menu *and* you'd have "confirm exit" enabled , it would crash. This was due to an internal safeguard that checked that no two message boxes are displayed at once - and it served its purposed well :)

Fixed an issue with showing messages when maximized - this is hopefully an end to the sage of "systray is blinking but no message is shown when the app is brought up". I "fixed" this before and now I found two other conditions that could've caused that. Both are resolved now.

Other changes

Compressed 64-bit executable - that's my favourite of the batch. The great UPX (executable compressor) has been finally updated with 64-bit PE support. It is tagged as experimental, but having tested it a bit here and a bit there I think it is good enough to be put to the real-world use.

The net effect is that bvckup2.exe size went down to 600K (from 1500K) and the setup package size dropped from 1575K to 1412K. *grin*

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 10, 2013

Forgot the screenshot of the mapped drive warning. Here it is -

MikeB :

Oct 10, 2013

Ref the mapped drive warning - possibly too much information for the average Joe? Suggest just saying something like "there can be a Microsoft problem with mapped drives, but BvCkup can resolve this for you". Then put the explanation paragraphs in one of your rabbit hole help places.

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 10, 2013

but BvCkup can resolve this for you

That's just too much of a commitment. I've been around Microsoft products long enough to be damn sure that the trick with replacing drive letters with network paths won't always work, so I don't want to over-promise.

wlie :

Oct 10, 2013

Very odd.
Trying to make a backup via network.
1.) Choosing source
2.) Choosing destination by pressing Browse
3.) Choosing network – my other computer
4.) Choosing a folder here
5.) In this folder I make a new folder
6.) When I renamed it from “New Folder” to “any name”, Bvckup shows the name as “New Folder”, ignoring what I just typed.
7.) Taking the backup ignoring the odd thing
8.) When I looked via explore on my second computer, Bvckup has created two folders. One with the name “any name” and this was empty. One with the name “New Folder” containing all the backup data.
The strange behavior happens only when I try to backup via network. For example, by making backup from one folder to another on the same computer.
I hope the above makes sense.

Deipotent :

Oct 10, 2013

I'd drop UPX compression - it's pointless, and causes more problems than it solves!

jrothlis :

Oct 11, 2013

Completely agree with Deipotent.

JacobMoreagles :

Oct 11, 2013

UPX is hardly needed anymore, but it is *major* geek cred. I don't see any problem with it myself. If it works, it works.

Also, While we're on a features binge (yay), I'd like to see some sort of email notification system in this. I like my servers to let me know if a backup went well or if something went terribly wrong. At the moment, that's the only thing keeping me from switching over and ditching deltacopy for Bvckup 2 completely.

well, that, and the 4tb of file's I'd have to transfer to get it running, but mostly the email thing.

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 12, 2013

@wlie - The "Browse" window is one of very few parts that I have no control over. This is native Windows dialog. What you described happened in the confines of the code that I don't have, so I can't even comment on why this could've happened. I am planning to redo the browsing window from scratch, but it is a rather complex task so I keep on delaying it :-|

@Deipotent, @jrothlis - the 200K difference doesn't matter from a technical perspective, but there are other perspectives to consider ;) The only notable drawback is over-active antiviruses having a knee-jerk reaction and generating false positives.

@JacobMoreagles - "Geek cred" :)

With regards to email notifications - will do and sooner rather than later, it's already on the list. But it won't be in the first production release.

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