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"What to backup" window is super laggy/choppy

Mawthra :

Jul 26, 2020

I'm on 81.5 running as admin on Windows 10 Pro fully up-to-date. I'm noticing that everything in Bvckup 2 is liquid smooth and responsive EXCEPT for when I go into the "What to backup" window and start browsing the file tree list is when everything gets SUPER laggy/choppy/delayed. Is this a known issue? It's so bad that my clicks are getting delayed and then once the app catches up to my click, the click registers wrong because I've scrolled the last right before the click, etc. I've been inadvertently selecting directories and vice versa by accident because it's almost unusable in that What to backup window.

Would love some thoughts on if this behavior is known/expected or if there's something I can do to fix it if not.


Alex Pankratov :

Jul 27, 2020

Not a known issue, no.

The "what to backup" file tree widget is being populated in real-time, but the directory scanning is done in the background, using as many threads as there are CPU cores. Not being able to control the thread count is an oversight and I will have this rectified in the next maintenance release.

Once folders are indexed they are added to the view and *this* is done by the same thread that handles the mouse input, so I'm guessing there's something laggy going on when populating the file tree with on-screen items.

There was a separate report for a similar issue - which was an extreme lag in rendering of the window contents - it too was on W10, but it was only triggered in a presence of Google Backup and Sync + Visual Studio + running a build in VS.

Would this apply to your case by any chance?

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