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Quick copy of one file

RobLatour :

Aug 02, 2020

Just downloaded bvckup2, really just want to be able to copy a very large file from a local drive to a network drive in a fast but reliable / re-startable way, as the network connection is sometimes lost during my existing copies.

In short, looking for a quicker alternative to robocopy /z

Installed your program, but it seems to be set up to sync folders.  I don’t want that, just to copy a file from point a to point b.

Is there an easy way to do this, either thru the ui or the command line?

Alex Pankratov :

Aug 03, 2020

That's not what the program is made for, but there _is_ a (somewhat backwards) way to copy just one file.

You need to create a backup job, point it as your file's folder, set it to "start with an empty list" in the "Backup What" section, include just your file, then set backup location to a new (!) folder on the remote site and run the job. Make sure to keep the "Copying" setting at "Delta copy", because that what will make the copying resumable in case of errors. Once the file is copied over, then manually _move_ it place.

RobLatour :

Aug 04, 2020

thanks, understand your comment that that is not what the program is made for.  Its a little more involved than I would like.  Plus as it turns out the daily file I want to backup has a new name each day.  In any case, a command line file backup option of 'copy source target' might be a new feature you would consider for greater versatility with the tool?

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