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Why would simulate move files to archive

bobbyz :

Oct 12, 2020


I am new here. Just got the trial and comparing it against FreeFileSync (the other trail I am doing this weekend). My test backup of Location A1 to Location B worked fine. Then I created another backup, Location A2 to Location B as Location A2 had some files I that needed to Location B. Of course Location A2 also some folder missing on Location B.

I should have selected don't remove anything on B for this 2nd backup. But I didn't (still new to this). I created the backup and then right click and selected Simulate. It took a while, I was expecting it to be very quick. What I found is that folders on B which weren't on A2 were moved to the archive on B. Is that suppose to happen for simulate?

2nd question, can I adjust location of the Archive folder? Give it a name or better yet create a new older under some root folder so I know when that archive got created.

bobbyz :

Oct 12, 2020

I see that archive folders have the date/time stamp. So that is good.

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 12, 2020

The program works by making destination folder look like what it sees in the source folder. So if you want to have 2 separate jobs to go into the same destination folder, these will end up competing with each other.

This can be worked around if needed, including setting the Deleting preference to "Keep backup copies" and using so-called destination filters (, but these are just that - the workarounds.

In your case what would've worked is directing A1 to B\A1 and A2 to B\A2 respectively.

Re: #2 - - but make sure that the $Archive is on the same volume as the destination folder.

bobbyz :

Oct 13, 2020

Alex, really appreciate it. Thanks. So far looking at it, it looks to be very well though out app.

bobbyz :

Oct 13, 2020

Hope you don't mind asking another follow up question. I made an Archive folder as follows on my destination drive, using the conf.archive thing.


It works. But now here is what I happened. Each of my source folders had a sub-folder named "Cache", which I didn't want to copy to save space. I update my backup job to skip copying cache folders from the source, which was easy.

On my E:\Archive now I have all these folders, with their Cache sub folders. When looking at the top level, it is hard to know when this archive was created. Would be good if for each archive a root folder with date/time stamp got created in the E:\Archive. Then you can scan that and see if good or not.

Am I saying it right or there is a better way.

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