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jon_sco :

Dec 02, 2020


I'm evaluating Bvckup 2 pro and have hit an issue. We have a large set of data which needs copied from one share to another whilst preserving the ownerships and permissions (this can be achieved using robocopy albeit slowly). However when I run the copy it seems to change the ownership from the original owner to the account which is running the Bvckup 2 program.

I have tired setting the flags within the options (copy ownership etc) but it makes no difference. any suggestions?



Alex Pankratov :

Dec 02, 2020

Hi Jonathan,

If you have respective options selected under "Also copy" in the Backup Settings > More Options section, then the sec. info _will_ be copied.

You can check if your choice was in effect during a backup run in the log -

2020.12.02 13:17:02 Running the backup...
2020.12.02 13:17:02     Preparing...
2020.12.02 13:17:02         Deducing changes...
2020.12.02 13:17:02             Preparing backup plan...
2020.12.02 13:17:02                 Planner setup
2020.12.02 13:17:02                     Security info: compare and update

Similarly, if you first run the job with these options unselected, then select them and re-run the job, the program won't re-copy the files, but it will clone the meta. In the log it will appear as such -

2020.12.02 13:14:31 Running the backup...
2020.12.02 13:14:31     Processing...
2020.12.02 13:14:31         1. Updating file test\foo\bar.txt
2020.12.02 13:14:31             Updating: last-modified timestamp, owner, group, DACL

In a pinch, you can always run a ProcMon trace of Bvckup 2 and see if it issues IRP_MJ_SET_SECURITY requests for the files it copies.

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