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Just what I was looking for - (almost)

jondavis :

Dec 05, 2020

I don't know how many searches I did but could not find a program like this.
Maybe I was searching wrong.
Than while troubleshooting something else some provided a link here.
Had to take a look and glad I did.
Easy to have multiple projects to copy just the files you want into other folders.

If only it would do one thing more it would be perfect for what I need.
That is,
I wish I could pick files from at least two "From folders" to copy into my one backup location.

At the very least be able to make an exception to not delete some files in the backup folder.

Still on the trial version but will be buying.

MWorthington :

Dec 07, 2020

Yes, you can, but Bvckup makes just that, copies, but with a lot of control.

For example, you you can select a whole drive as a source, copied to another drive as destination, but only copying the folders and even files that you decide, without touching anything else in the destination.


Just keep in mind of this general backup sequence:

1. Scan source location, applying exclusion/inclusion rules from Backup What section in the UI

2. Scan destination location, applying exclusion/inclusion rules a.k.a. "destination filters", for example

3. Compare two resulting file trees and see what should be done to the destination tree to bring it up in sync with the source

4. Execute planned steps. The end.

If you want to copy from 2 different sources folders into a single destination, then that might be trickier.


Alex Pankratov :

Dec 07, 2020


There are no plans to add native support for what you are after, but it can still be done in several way.

1. Pick the closest common ancestor for the folders and then filter out what's not needed in Backup What section.

2. Use a separate job for each folder, directing each into a dedicated folder on the backup side.

3. Have a dedicated folder on a source side, put symlinks to your target folder there and then enable symlink following in Backup Settings > More Options.

4. What Mark described, suitable for the case when you want to mix the contents of two+ folders on the backup side. That is, when you want to do something like this:

    C:\Foo\            ->   X:\Backup
    C:\Bar\*.abc   ->   X:\Backup

For this you will need a backup job per source folder, each set up to "use source filters for destination" -


jondavis :

Dec 12, 2020

just purchased the program
looks like I need to look into the filters
thanks for the tips

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