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Windows 10 issue with showing new network drive-mapping - refresh.

MrZebulon :

Dec 22, 2020

Hi all.
I am having an issue with Windows 10 (64bit, May rel. 2004) while Bvckup is running (the program only, no job)
I create a new mapping to my NAS/DiskStation Samba-share and associate the letter "V".
When I switch to Bvckup to create a new job and browse for the target drive/folder, the "V"-mapping is not shown.
I can browse the network environment and can find the target folder or input the UNC-path. That works.
The same issue in Windows file explorer, I have to close and start it again to see "V". "F5" doesn't work.
And in Total Commander the same way, close and restart to see "V".
I guess this is a Windows issue and has nothing to do with Bvckup.
Maybe you guys can reproduce this behavior as well.

Kind regards

Alex Pankratov :

Dec 23, 2020

The only thing of relevance I can think of is this -

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