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Better cognition of backup list

nukeation :

Jan 26, 2021

Hi Alex,

Scenario / Use case:
My main challenge with Bvckup is that I have several jobs, some going to an external drive, some to local drives which auto-sync to my cloud drives, etc. Depending on the time of day and the task at hand, I may need to fire off (once or several times) specific jobs.

I also have some timed jobs which I mostly don't need to touch, but once in a while will have to manually initiate.

Bottom line: I need to differentiate very quickly between jobs, and select them to fire manually when needed.

Currently, I use the "Win + ." shortcut to add emojis such as [EMOJI REDACTED] (not sure how it will render online, but in Bvckup, it is a small black and white glyph). By choosing large, distinct shapes as a prefix for the job nickname, I can recognize the "sets". They are usually ordered to be together.

Originally, we had discussed grouping, and I understand the complexities and challenges of coding that without breaking existing features and keeping users' expectations intact.

Here are some additional ideas which should hopefully be a bit easier to code and should not conflict with the existing UI/features.

Color coding: A 3px solid color left border in the job list item, for example. Add a color swatch next to the Job Description field.

Tags: Add a new Tags field to the Backup settings. And in the main UI, allow the user to choose from a dropdown list of tags to filter the visible jobs.

Also, in the initial release, re-ordering can be disabled while in filtered view (and it can use the order from main view). Then add that functionality later when convenient.

In our previous discussion, you had mentioned the problem of handling error or other important notifications for jobs that are not visible when filtered. Perhaps the "Back" or "Reset" button for the filtered view could show an icon (the icon in the system tray already does).

I hope this can be implemented sooner than later. As my reliance on Bvckup increases, so do the number of jobs, and for someone who like me who micromanages these things, it is becoming more difficult to make sense of the list.

If filtering, etc. introduces other problems I may not have thought of, I'd request adding the color coding at least. It is a superficial feature and will hopefully not intrude on any other aspects/features.


nukeation :

Jan 26, 2021

(hmmm... post cut off)

Currently, I use the "Win + ." shortcut to add emojis such as

Alex Pankratov :

Jan 26, 2021

( I merged your two posts in one. Emojis do indeed trim the text in here. )

Alex Pankratov :

Jan 26, 2021

Dax, thanks for your thoughts. How many jobs do you have?

In no particular order -

1. Emoji support in the app - I don't see this happening anytime soon. The reason being is that regular API that's used for rendering the UI - the GDI - doesn't support them. It means that the whole UI framework needs to be redone with Direct2D and that's just way too much work for very little benefit.

2. Custom colors are supported (though not in a form of a colored frame). See here -

3. Tags - not a bad idea. It would work well with another thing I've been mulling, which is to introduce another _view_ of the backup list. Basically something like conventional "detailed list" view in the Explorer and such. Then, allow grouping _there_ and also allow filtering. If there are tags, I don't see why they can't be used for filtering.

In any case, some form of support for managing larger backup sets is coming in R82. That's given.

nukeation :

Jan 26, 2021

Hi Alex,

Emoji was just an example of what I'm doing. I don't need (or want) Emoji support. :)

I'll explore the custom color link - that sounds interesting and just might solve my immediate needs.

Great - the detailed list would be ideal. Should solve all problems.

Looking forward to R82!! Will do my best to provide feedback for the previews.


nukeation :

Jan 26, 2021

PS. I had 20+ jobs, but had to whittle it down to 12 core ones because it is difficult to move around and recognize the smaller jobs (the ones I use for micromanagement).

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