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Oct 15, 2013

Creation timestamps

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Oct 15, 2013

Minimize on close

Added the "Minimize on close" option to the preferences.

When enabled, Minimize will minimize to the taskbar (as usual) and Close will minimize to the systray.

When disabled, Minimize will minimize to the systray and Close will exit the app.

Oct 15, 2013


Added basic support for app's configuration self-backup.

This requires adding a configuration override to set the backup directory. Once in place, the app will automatically maintain a copy of all configuration files there.

To enable this feature:
•  Shutdown the program via Menu > File > Exit
•  Open %LocalAppData%\Bvckup2\bvckup2.ini in Notepad
•  Add the following line

       self_backup   X:\Path\To\Your\ConfigBackupFolder

•  Save the .ini, exit Notepad, start the program

Oct 15, 2013

Issues resolved

1. Fixed an issue with installers running off network drives -- this is as per

2. Fixed an issue with release notes appearing trimmed -- sometimes release notes in "View changes" panel in the "New version available" window would get trimmed

3. Fixed an issue with bogus blinking systray icon -- FINAL fix, promise. The issue was caused by a backup job encountering a critical error and then sorting it out. Former would queue a message and start systray blinking and latter would erase the message, but would forget to stop the blinkage.

Other changes

Installation path is now directly editable in the installer

genl :

Oct 16, 2013

Just tested a single job with modified conf.ctime_match and conf.copy_extras.

It went fine as expected, and I could see from the log that rename detection was correct and expected to a degree - even though some of renamed files were duplicates, I ended up with an accurate copy of my data.

However I've noticed a different issue from this and previously done jobs too:
I have added .\$RECYCLE.BIN folder into exception list. After the job is done, I found the Bvckup archived this folder on destination (at "$Archive of Deleted Items (Bvckup)"). It did so every single time it seems. My job is set to "archive backup copies of deleted items".

Expected behavior: if I specifically exclude .\$RECYCLE.BIN or .\RECYCLER, there is no point to delete or archive the recycle bin on destination. Because Windows will re-create it later anyway.

Question: if at some of future runs I want to update c-times of all files at destination with original c-times, what do I do? Just change the "conf.copy_extras"?

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 17, 2013

Question: if at some of future runs I want to update c-times of all files at destination with original c-times, what do I do? Just change the "conf.copy_extras"?

Yep, exactly.

markrosoft :

Mar 17, 2016

Not working for me. I changed conf.ctime_match to 1, removed "ctime" and "atime" from the conf.copy_extras line, save the file, restart bvckup2 and guess what - the program has undone my changes and put those lines back to how they were.

Any suggestions?

markrosoft :

Mar 17, 2016

Nevermind! Shut down the program, deleted the "settings copy" and "settings prev" files and then edited the settings.ini file - seem to have stuck now! :)

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