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Backup job states

Jan 28, 2021


A backup job can be in one of the following states:

*  Disabled
*  Waiting for the device
*  Idle
*  Queued
*  Running
*  Paused
*  Cancelling


In [ Disabled ] state a job is just that - disabled. Periodic jobs are not scheduled and real-time jobs do not monitor the source folder for changes.

Waiting for the device

A job will be in [ Waiting for the device ] state if either the source or the destination device (or both) are not present in the system or not accessible. This applies to both local devices and network shares.

In this state the program constantly monitors for the system and once the missing device/share re-appears, the job is transitioned into the [ Idle ] state.

Also, in this state the program will NOT attempt to run the backup when it is due, but will merely log an error message stating that it needed to run the job, but a device was missing. This behavior may be suppressed, see below for details.


In [ Idle ] state, a backup job will wait for the Go command, the next scheduled run (if it's of periodic type) or any changes to the source folder (if it's of a real-time type).

In this state the program will also monitor for the presence of devices and/or shares and it will put the backup in [ Wait for the device ] state if required locations become inaccessible.


When the backup needs to run, the program may either execute it immediately or it may queue it for execution if another backup is already running AND the queuing logic applies.

See for details.


The backup is being executed.


A running backup will pause in response to the user's command issued either with a click on the Stop button or via the command-line interface. All active operations are suspended as soon as possible. Any ongoing file copies are also paused, even if they are not completed.


This is a transient (and usually short-lived state) when the running or paused backup was aborted at user's command. Once all active operations are aborted and cleaned up after, the program returns to the [ Idle ] state.

It's also possible to put it directly into [ Disabled ] state by using the Stop button with Ctrl key held down.

Jan 28, 2021

Suppressing "Waiting for the device" state

In some cases it may be desirable for the program to NOT monitor for the device/share presence.

In particular if a remote share is connected with a pre-backup script or when a storage volume is mounted in a similar way. In these cases the source or backup location will not ever be accessible when a backup needs to run, so the backup will never have a chance to run.

The following overrides can be used to prevent a backup job from entering [ Waiting for the device ] state:

        conf.wait_for_src        0
        conf.wait_for_dst        0

These are independent from each other. Either one can be specified or they can both be specified.

See for how to add an override.

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