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lagunacreek :

Mar 08, 2021

On a Windows 10 laptop, I recently adjusted my display to 3840X2160 (from a lower resolution). All of the sudden the font on Bvckup2 is impossible to read.
If I set Windows Display, Advanced Settings, Fix Scaling for apps to on. Bvckup2 appears normally.
Unfortunately I have another critical program that needs this to be set to off.
Am I missing something or is this expected behavior?

Alex Pankratov :

Mar 08, 2021

Bvckup2 doesn't implement dynamic DPI scaling support yet. If you change display's DPI value, you will need to restart the program for it to learn about it and adjust itself accordingly.

lagunacreek :

Mar 09, 2021

ID10T error: Actually you need to restart the computer. Since all my programs except three seemed to work I didn't think of the obvious. Bvckup2 adjusted just fine with the restart. Thanks for the fast response.

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