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Delete filtered source

ralph :

Apr 05, 2021


I search around to delete the copied files after the backup and found that we have to use the post backup to run a script using bvckup variable. Something like that found in another post
if NOT "%BVCKUP_status%" == "Completed" exit
if NOT "%BVCKUP_errors%" == "0" exit
recycle "%BVCKUP_src%\*"

My problem is I don't want to delete my source, because I have a filter to only copy files created and modified before 2012/12/31.
I only want to delete the copied files.
Can it be done, is there a variable that could be use to get this result?
Thank you,

Alex Pankratov :

Apr 05, 2021

A variable (or even a set of variables) won't work for this purpose - just consider a case when the backup processed, say, 100,000 files. The simplest thing would probably be to grep the backup log to extract the list of copied/updated files... though that probably won't qualify as "simple".

ralph :

Apr 07, 2021

That's what i did, not practical but fairly easy.
I edited a copy of the log in notepad ++ because of the millions of lines and creates a small script  that goes to each lines to delete the files.

Thank you,

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