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Exit Bvckup2 Via Command Line

Homer712 :

Apr 10, 2021

Most of my batch files are written via help from Google, but this one I just can't get to work.

Have a batch file that performs a few functions that require that Bvckup2 is not running. What I'm trying to do is have the first thing the batch file does is quit Bvckup2, do its thing, then restart Bvckup2. The restart part works correctly, but the quit does not. Here's what I have for the quit part:

@echo OFF
taskkill /F /IM bvckup2.exe

After running the above, the taskbar Bvckup2 icon just sits in the taskbar until I close the command window and it's not until I close the command window that the icon disappears. But rather than closing the command window, I need to keep it open for further functions. Any help would be appreciated.

Alex Pankratov :

Apr 10, 2021

taskkill /F /IM bvckup2.exe

Ouch. This is very crude. Lingering systray icon is the least of the problems (and it's caused by Windows Explorer lazily refreshing tray icons and nothing else - killed programs _will_ leave their tray icons behind).

Instead, you can ask bvckup2 to shut down using its command-line interface and it will happily oblige -

        bvckup2.exe --command terminate

See here for details -

Homer712 :

Apr 11, 2021


Thanks for the response. Sadly, that "taskkill" command I just brought over from a program that runs on startup and monitors the HD and SSD in my laptop. Every time I tried to either shutdown or restart, that program would never close properly to let the computer continue with either selection. And, to make matters worse, that command I got from the vendor!

In any event, thanks as always for the pointing me in the right direction.

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