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fauxpride :

May 06, 2021


I am building a new computer and I'm planning to move bvckup2 and all the backups I've configured over to the new machine with as little hassle as possible.

I've been using bvckup2 for quite some time (thanks Alex for the great product) and so the backup list I've configured has grown over time to about 15.

The backups are of two types:

- Local to local (take data from one internal HDD and copy it over to another)
- Network backups over SMB to a Linux machine running Samba in my network.
- Self backup is configured.

I will be moving over all of the internal HDDs to the new machine.

A few questions come to mind:

1. Do I need to give the HDDs the same names after I install them in the new computer, for bvckup to work? If so, I'll take a note of the HDD > letter mapping before.
2. I have bought two bvckup2 licenses for two different machines. How do I tell which is which before I move the license over?
3. On a related note, my Help > About screen says that the license type "Personal/Legacy". Is that still supported?
4. Where do I need to restore the self backups on the new computer, and what's the procedure for that?
5. What's the difference between Self Backup and Export Backup settings? Do I need to have a copy of both before moving over?

Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated!


fauxpride :

May 06, 2021

And another question - how do I make sure that bvckup2 remembers the backup statuses for the SMB shares?

I've enabled "Don't delete anything at destination" for those backups, because I regularly delete files at the source (the computer bvckup is installed on), but keep them at destination (the remote share).

This is because I have limited space on the source, while on the share I have more space.

Since the two destinations are "desynced" on purpose, how do I make sure that bvckup2 doesn't see this as an invalid/broken backup and asks to overwrite the source with what's in the destination, after I migrate to the new machine?


Alex Pankratov :

May 06, 2021

1. The simplest option would be to enable device tracking for all affected drives across all backups. This way the program will adjust respective paths automatically when its launched on your new box for the first time.

This is done in Backup Settings > Backup From/To > [Pushpin icon]


3. Yes, fully. It is in fact a license type that's superior to the current Pro, because it includes perpetual updates.

4. Once you export the settings there'll be a Readme file with instructions. It's all dead simple.

5. You will need the .zip generated by the Export Backup option.

Alternatively, you can zip-up %LocalAppData%\Bvckup2 folder, in full, unpack it to the same location on the new box and that'll do it. The difference here is that this method will also preserve all delta copying state (whereby export-config will not and larger files will be re-copied in full on their first update).

X. It's all stored in the config files. When you merely move the config of a backup job from one machine to another, nothing _inside_ of the config changes.

Also, if you have a couple of minutes, skim through this -

fauxpride :

May 07, 2021

Thanks Alex for the insightful answer.

One last question.

I've got a couple of backups configured where the source is the system C: drive, which I will not *physically* move over to the new machine.

I will, however, try to replicate the source folders and their structures as closely as possible on the new C: drive of the new machine.

What would be the best tracking method to use at source, so as to have the backup running as soon as I move the data over to the new machine? By volume level? Or have it completely turned off?


Alex Pankratov :

May 09, 2021

C: will likely to remain C:, so you should be OK with not enabling device tracking for that particular backup.

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